Sr. Organization Name Location Scope of Activities Standards Status
1Afghanistan Clients
2Abwar Pharmcy Co. Ltd.Nangarhar (Afghanistan)Liquid Section, Dry Powder Section, Tablet & Capsule Section and General Antiseptic Solution Section[9001:2008] Suspended
3Afghan Red PomegranateKabul & Kandahar (Afghanistan)Multi Fruit Processing and Mineral Water Facility[22000:2005]Active
4Aman Eye HospitalKabul (Afghanistan)Routine Clinical Examination and Checkup, Refraction and Glass Prescription, Eye Surgeries (Cataract, Glaucoma, Squint, Ptosis, Eye Lid, DCR and so), Refractive Surgery (P.R.K), fully Equipped and Modern Eye Examinations (FFA, OCT, Corneal Topography, Corneal Pachymetry, Perimetry), Various Kinds of Laser Therapy ( Argon Laser, Yag Laser, Diode Laser, Excimer Laser)[9001:2015] Active
5Aria Invest Spun Pole Production CompanyKabul (Afghanistan)Design, Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Pre-Stressed Concrete Spun & Rectangular/Square Concrete Poles9001:2015Active
6Ariana HospitalKabul (Afghanistan)Surgery Departments (General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, ENT Orthopedics, Gynecology & Obstetric, Ophthalmology, Stomatology & Dermatology) Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Ped & NeonatologyDiagnostic(Echocardiography, Holter Monitoring, Ultrasound, Doppler Ultrasound, Endoscopy, ETT, CTG, PFT, Digital X-Ray& Well Equipped Lab[9001:2008] Suspended
7Arrow PetroleumKabul (Afghanistan)Fuel Supply, Fuel Storage Facility[9001:2015][14001:2015][18001:2007]Active
8Bakhtar Flour Mills Pvt. Ltd.Kabul (Afghanistan)Producing Wheat Flour (White), Wheat Flour (Afghan Bread),Wheat Bran[9001:2015 ][22000:2005]Active
9Bakhtar Pharmacy Industrial Co. LtdKabul (Afghanistan)Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2008] [14001:2004] [GMP US FDA]Suspended
10City Medical Complex & City Medical LABKabul (Afghanistan)Provide the Diagnostic Services for Medical Lab, Ultrasound, Doppler, CT-Scan, MRI, Digital X-Ray, Mammography, GI-Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Angiography, Holter Monitoring, Pacemaker, ETT, Echocardiography, ECG, PFT, Bronchoscopy & Thoracoscopy. Provide the Treatment Services for General Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Neurosurgery, Gyn & OBS, Neurology, Psychiatry, Infectious Medicine, Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Orthopedic, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, Urology, Oncology, Dental Surgery, Angioplasty, Neonatology, Pediatric & Dermatology.9001:2015Active
11City Medical Lab & Diagnostics CenterKabul (Afghanistan)Provide the Diagnostics Services & Testing Facilities for Clinical Biochemistry, Clinical Pathology, Hematology, Microbiology Serology, Virology, Histopathology & Cytopathology9001:2008Suspended
12GEO Chem Middle EastKabul (Afghanistan)Provision of Testing Services (Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants Testing Laboratory)9001:2015Active
13Hewad Dost GroupKabul (Afghanistan)Fuel Storage Facility, Fuel Supply & Distribution, Construction, Transportation, Petrol Stations[9001 : 2008][14001:2004 ][OHSAS 18001:2007]Suspended
14High Standard Pipe CompanyKabul (Afghanistan)Production of (HDPE) High-Density Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings, (PVC) Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes and Fittings, UPVC Pipes & Fittings, (PPR-C) Polypropylene Random Co-Polymer Pipes and Fittings[9001:2015][Certificate of Compliance (CoC)]Active
15High Standard Pipe CompanyKabul (Afghanistan)Polyethylene Pipes for Plastics Piping SystemsCertificate of Compliance (CoC)Active
16Javed Waziri Aluminium Production LimitedKabul (Afghanistan)Production of Aluminum profile, Aluminum Billets and Manufacturing of Aluminum (Doors, Windows, Showcases, Louvers, Cabinets)9001:2008Suspended
17Khan Steel MillsKabul (Afghanistan)Rebar, I Beam, T Bar, Steel Angles[9001 : 2015][14001:2015 ][OHSAS 18001:2007]Active
18Khan Steel MillsKabul (Afghanistan)Steel for the reinforcement of concrete - Part 2: Ribbed barsISO 6935-2:2015 (Product Certification)Active
19Mashriq Engineering Construction Company (MECC)Kabul (Afghanistan)Road, Dam & Building Construction Services, Designing, Engineering Surveys & Irrigation9001:2008Suspended
20Masroor Foods Processing Company(Jalalabad)AfghanistanJuices, Jams, Tomato Paste, Pickles, Sauces, Ketchup and all kind of foods and fruits9001:2008Suspended
21Moraa Educational ComplexKabul (Afghanistan)Afghan Women Institute of Higher Education, Afghan Women Institute of Health Sciences, Afghan Girls High School, Afghan Waraktoon (Kindergarten)9001:2015Active
22Mumtaz Construction GroupKabul (Afghanistan)Construction, Water Supply and Irrigation9001:2015Active
23National Fuel Corporation Ltd. (NFC)Kabul (Afghanistan)Petroleum Products Storage, Petroleum Products Handling and Supplies, Full Range of Petroleum Products Quality Testing & Certification, Petroleum Products Transportation and Bulk Storage Facilities Construction[9001:2015] [14001:2015][18001:2007]Active
24National Quality Control Laboratories Limited (NQCL), Kabul - AfghanistanKabul (Afghanistan)Sampling, Sample Transportation, Quality Testing, Inspection & Certification of Petroleum Products, Petrochemicals & Water, Glassware & Equipment Calibration and Inspection9001Active
25Omaid Bahar Fruits Processing LtdKabul (Afghanistan)Fruit Concentrates, Fruits Purees, Juices, Nectars, UHT Milk, Breakfast Cream[HACCP] [22000:2005]Active
26Payman Dairy and Ice Cream Product CompanyKabul (Afghanistan)Ice Cream Products[9001:2008 ][22000:2005 ][HACCP]Suspended
27Shamshad Dastagir Food Production Company (SDFPC)(Jalalabad)AfghanistanNoodle, Vermicelli and All Kind of Flour Foods9001:2008Suspended
28Spinghar Vegetable OilKabul (Afghanistan)Vegetable Oil[9001:2015][14001:2015][22000:2005]Active
29Sun Pharma Industrial (Pvt.) Ltd.Kabul (Afghanistan)Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2008] [14001:2004][GMP]Active
31Azerbaijan Clients
33Belmont CaspianBaku (Azerbaijan)Inspection, Calibration and Fabrication Services for Machinery / Industrial Equipment & Plant9001:2015Active
35Bangladesh Clients
37888 Zipper & Accessories Co. Ltd.Dhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturing & Export of All Types of Zipper[9001:2008] [14001:2004]Suspended
38Adzi Trims Ltd.Daka (Bangladesh)Manufacturing & Export of All Types Accessories for Readymade Garments Industries as per Customer Requirement by Following Statutory & Regulatory Requirement9001:2015][14001:2015]Active
39Alfa Patterns (BD) Ltd.Dhaka(Bangladash)Manufacture and Export of Undergarments14001:2004Suspended
40Al-Faruque Bags Ltd.Bogra(Bangladash)“Manufacturer of 100% Export Oriented P.P Woven Bag”9001:2008Suspended
41Alim Industries Ltd.SyIhet(Bangladash)R&D, Manufacturing, Importing, Exporting & Selling of AgriculturalMachinery as per Customer Satisfaction by following statutory & regularity requirement9001:2015Active
42Amirati Developments LimitedDhaka(Bangladash)Design & Development & Sales of Apartment & Condominiums, Builder & Construction Services and Interior Architecture & Design Services9001:2008Suspended
43Asian University of BangladeshDhaka(Bangladash)Provision of High Quality Education at Affordable Cost, to All Groups of People in Undergraduate & Post Graduate Programs9001:2008Suspended
44Auto Fire Fighting Co. Ltd.™Dhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturer & Supplier of Automatic Fire Extinguishers & Other Fire Extinguishing Equipment & Fire Resistant Materials9001:2008Suspended
45Bachar Engineering LimitedDhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturing, Assembling, Marketing, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning of All type of Sub-stations, AVR, Generator, Switchgears & Controlling Device, Solar Panels, Switch & Sockets, Panel Board & Accessories and after sales service by fulfilling the customer, statutory & regulatory requirements9001:2015Active
46Baraka Power Ltd.Dhaka(Bangladash)To Generate & Provide Uninterrupted Supply of Electricity from Gas Based Reciprocating Design Power Plant following Statutory & Regularity Requirement9001:2015Active
47Barka Patenga Power Ltd.Chittagong(Bangladash)To Generate & Provide Uninterrupted Supply of Electricity from HFO Fired Power Plant following Statutory & Regularity Requirement9001:2015Active
48Barakatullah Electro Dynamics LimitedSylhet(Bangladash)To Generate & Provide Uninterrupted Supply of Electricity from Gas Based Reciprocating Design Power Plant9001:2008Suspended
49Bashgreho Properties Dhaka(Bangladash)Design & development, built and sell of Quality Apartments9001:2008Suspended
50Bogra Bhander Auto Flour MillBogra(Bangladash)“Manufacturing & Selling Pure and Nutritious ATTA, MOIDA, SUJI”9001:2008Suspended
51Chakda Steel & Re-Rolling Mills Pvt Ltd.Dhaka & Narayangonj (Bangladesh)Manufacturer & Supplier of TMT 500W, 60 & 40 Grade Rebar, Billet, Angle & Square Bar9001:2015Active
52Chemtrek Industries Bangladesh Ltd.Dhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturer & Supplier of Textile Chemicals & Auxiliaries9001:2008Suspended
53Coppertech Industries LtdDhaka(Bangladash)Research & Development, Manufacturing, Marketing & Sales of Copper Tube, Copper Pipe, Copper Bus-Bar, Copper Wire, Copper Rod as Per Customer Satisfaction by following Statutory & Regulatory Requirement9001:2015Active
54Diamond World LtdDhaka(Bangladash)Import, Purchase, Design & Development Manufacturing & Selling Of All Types of Diamond & Gold Jewelry & Accessories as per Customer Requirement by Following Statutory & Regulatory Requirement9001:2015Active
55Deeplaid Pharma Co. Ltd.Dhaka(Bangladash)Formulating, Manufacturing & Selling of Homeopathic, Unani & Herbal Medicines9001:2015Active
56Dhaly Construction LtdDhaka(Bangladash)Planning, Designing & Developing, Construction & Monitoring of Buildings & BTS as per Customer Requirement by Following Statutory & Regulatory Requirement9001:2015Active
57DOLPHIN PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.Dhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturing & Sale of Life Saving Medicines9001:2008Suspended
58Dress Up Ltd.Dhaka (Bangladesh)Manufacturing & Exporting of Knit & Woven Garments for Men, Women & Children as per Customer Requirement & Satisfying Stakeholder Expectation by Following Statutory & Regularity Requirement9001:2015Active
59Eastern Cement Industries Ltd.Dhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturer & Seller of Grey Portland Cement9001:2008Suspended
60ElectroCom Ideas & Technologies Ltd.Dhaka(Bangladash)Sales, Marketing & Services of Diesel Generators, Solar Solutions & Other Power Solutions with Quality Commitment9001:2008Suspended
61Ena Food & Beverage LtdDhaka & Mymensingh (Bangladesh)Manufacturer & Exporter Ready-to-eat Food Products like Biscuits Chanachur, Potato Chips, Fried Peas & Peaters22000:2005Active
62Envirotech International Ltd.Dhaka (Bangladesh)Environmental Aspect Analysis & Impact Assessment and Environmental Parameters Assessment9001:2008Suspended
63Enzychim iberica (BD) Ltd.Comilla(Bangladash)Manufacturer and supplier of textile chemicals and Auxiliarie[9001:2008][14001:2004]Suspended
64Eusan Knit Composite Ltd.Dhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturing & Export of All Kinds of Knit Apparels9001:2008Suspended
65Grow Biz Industries LimitedDhaka & Gazipur (Bangladesh)Manufacturing, Selling & Export of PE Product Such as (Foam, Air Bubble Sheet, Aluminium/MPET Laminated Sheet), HDPE Products (Plain Sheet, T-Shirt Bag, Butcher Bag, Apparel Bag, Loop Handle Bag, Garbage Bag) & Bio-Degradable Bags according to customer requirement with application of regulatory & Statutory requirement & implementation of all clause of QMS ISO 9001:2015 with the exception of Design & Development (clause 8.3 )9001:2015Active
66Gunjan Agro Aeromatic Automatic Rice MillBogra(Bangladash)Processing, Packaging & Selling of Aeromatic Rice9001:2008Suspended
67HMBR Tools & Chemicals Ltd.Dhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturing, Marketing & Selling of Sealant & Hardware Tools & Components9001:2008Suspended
68Integral Electric CompanyChittagong(Bangladash)“Manufacturer of Distributions Transformer, High Voltage and Low Voltage Switchgear Assemblies and PFI Panels.”9001:2015Active
69Invite Properties Ltd.Dhaka(Bangladash)“Purchasing Raw Land, Developing Township”9001:2008Suspended
70Islam Polynex Industries Ltd.Dhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter, Supplier & Trading House9001:2008Suspended
71Jamuna Edible Oil Industries LtdDhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturer, Processor & Seller of Crude Rice bran Oil, Refined Rice branoil, De oiled Rice bran (DORB), Fatty Acid & Acid Oil .9001:2008Suspended
72Jaysons PharmaceuticalsDhaka(Bangladash)Formulation Development, Manufacturing, Sales & Distribution of Pharmaceuticals Product as per Customer Satisfaction9001:2015Active
73Karatoa PlasticBogra(Bangladash)Manufacturer & Seller of Extruded uPVC Pipe, uPVC Bends, Fittings & Plastic Accessories9001:2008Suspended
74Knit Plus Ltd.Gazipur (Bangladesh)Manufacturer and Export of Knit readymade Garments9001:2008Suspended
75Krishibid Firm Ltd.Dhaka(Bangladash)Production Processing, Packing & Marketing of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Product9001:2015Active
76London Housing LimitedDhaka(Bangladash)“Development & Sell of Land & Apartments”9001:2008Suspended
77MONZIL Group of IndustriesSylhet(Bangladash)Manufacturing, Packaging & Selling of Atta, Moida, Bran, Biscuit,Spices, Edible Oil, Soybean Oil, & Tea.9001:2008Suspended
78Narshingdi EnterpriseDhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturer, Importer, Trader, Indentor & Supplier of Tarpaulin,Canvas, Tent, Poly Fabrics, Rain Court, Gumboot, Life Jacket, Blanket, Paper & CI Sheet9001:2008Suspended
79Nikki Thai Aluminum Ind. Ltd.Dhaka(Bangladash)Manufacture & Supplier of Extruded & Anodized Aluminum Profiles & Stainless Steel Pipes for Architectural & General Engineering Purpose9001:2008Suspended
80Nokshi Properties LtdDhaka(Bangladash)Design & development, built and sell of Quality Apartments9001:2008Suspended
81NRG Composite Yarn DyeingMymensingh(Bangladesh)Manufacturer & Export of All Kinds of Dyed Knit Fabrics9001:2008Suspended
82NRG Hometex LtdDhaka & Mymensingh (Bangladesh)Manufacturing, Sale & Export of 100% Cotton & Blended Yarn of Different Counts9001:2015Active
83NRG Printing & PackagingDhaka(Bangladash)All Kinds of Offset Printing & Packaging Solutions9001:2008Suspended
84Organic Health Care LtdDhaka(Bangladash)Formulating, Manufacturing and Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products9001:2008Suspended
85PCL GroupBogra(Bangladash)Manufacturer & Sell of uPVC Pipes, Filters, Fittings & Cast Iron Equipments for Irrigation & Agro Based Industry9001:2015Active
86PEB Steel Alliance LimitedComallia(Bangladash)Design & Development, Fabrication, Erection of Steel Structured Buildings (Industrial & Commercial) & Components including sales and after sales services as per Customer Requirement by following statutory & regularity requirement with application of all the clauses of QMS ISO 9001:20159001:2015Active
87PEB Steel Alliance LimitedComallia(Bangladash)Marketing & Sales, Design & Development, Manufacturing, Delivery, Erection, After Sales & Services of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings18001:2007Active
88Power Centre Company ltdDhaka(Bangladash)Design, Development, Manufacturing, Assembling, Marketing, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning of Power & Distribution Transformer, HT/LT Switchgears including GIS/AIS Panel, PFI, MCC, All DB’s, Automation, Generator, Solar Panel, BBT and after sales service by fulfilling the customer, statutory & regulatory requirements9001:2015Active
89Power Energy EngineeringDhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturing, Assembling, Marketing, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning of HT/LT Switchgears Including GIS/AIS Panel, PFI, MCCB, all DB’s, and after Sales Service by Fulfilling the Customer, Statutory & Regulatory Requirements9001:2015Active
90Prome Agro Foods Ltd.Dhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturer & Exporter of Food Item as Edible Jell, Mango Fruit Drinks, Soft Drinks Powder, Instant Tea, Biscuit, Chutney, Artificial Flavored Drinks, Calsomilk, Pickle, Chanachur, Puffed Rice with Chanachur Mixed, Fried Peas, Fried Dal, Puffed Rice, Tasty Saline, Mustard Oil , Sesame Oil, Flattened Rice, Lozenges, Sugarcane Jaggery, Spices (Chilli Powder, Coriander Powder, Curry Powder, Turmeric Powder, Cumin Powder, Fish Curry Powder, Chicken Curry Powder, Dry Hot Chilli, Dry Bay Leaf) Basil Seeds, Dry Chiretta, Aromatic Rice, Dry Cake, Lachha Semal, Vermicelli, Esubguler Vushi22000:2005Active
91PS Engineering LtdDhaka(Bangladash)Sale & Supply, After Sales-Service of All Kinds of Electrical & Electronics Home Appliance (Air-Conditioner, Fridge, TV, Microwave Oven, Rice Cooker, Induction Cooker, Iron Machine, Water Heater, Room Heater, Washing Machine, Pressure Cooker, Blender Machine), Power Generation, Elevator & Escalator According to Market Requirement by Fulfilling Statutory & Regulatory Requirement with Exclusion of clause 8.3 Design & Development9001:2015Active
92Ruhama Properties Ltd.Dhaka(Bangladash)Plan, Design & Development, Building Construction & Selling of Land and Apartments9001:2008Suspended
93Sanji Stainless Industries Ltd.Dhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturing & Selling of Stainless Steel Round Tube, Square Box, Rectangular Box & Customize Design Pipes9001:2008Suspended
94Satco Electric Industries LtdNaryangonj (Bangladesh)Marketing & Sales, Design & Development, Manufacturing, Assembling, Installation & After Sales Service of Power Transformers, HT & LT Switchgears, PFI Panel, Centrifugal Pump, Submersible pump, Solar Panels & Accessories[9001:2015][14001:2015]Active
95Shahriar Steel Mills Ltd.Dhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturing, Marketing & Selling of MS Billet, Deformed Round Bar, Angle & Channel as Per Customer Requirement by Following Statutory & Regulatory Requirements with Exclusions of clause 8.3 of this standard9001:2015Active
96SHANGU Tex Ltd.Dhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturing and Exporter of Excellent Quality Shirt for Men/Boys and Blouses for Women Girls9001:2008Suspended
97Shikder EnterpriseDhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturer, Importer, Trader, Indentor & Supplier of Tarpaulin, Canvas, Tent, Poly Fabrics, Rain Court, Gumboot, Life Jacket, Blanket & Paper[9001:2008][14001:2004]Suspended
98Silco Pharmaceuticals LtdSylhet - BangladeshFormulating, Manufacturing & Selling of Oral Solid Dosage Forms (i.e. Tablet, Capsule, Dry Powder for suspension, ORS) Oral Liquid Dosage Forms as well as Cephalosporin i.e. (Tablet, Capsule, Dry Powder for Suspension) by satisfying customer requirements by following statutory & regularity requirements with application of all requirements of ISO 9001:20159001:2015Active
99SKRP GROUPDhaka (Bangladesh)Importing, Assembling, Manufacturing of all Kinds of Electrical & Electronic goods including Circuit Breaker, Distribution Boards, PC Switch, Charge Controller, Insulation Tapes, Water Purifiers, CFL Lamps, Gang Switch, LED Light, Solar Panels, Solar Switch etc. & Export of Charcoal as per Customer Requirement by Following Statutory & Regulatory Requirement9001:2015Active
100Smart Narrow FabricsMymensing – BangladeshManufacturing & Export of accessories (i.e Elastic, Dyed Elastic, Ribbon & Drawstrings) for Readymade Garments industries as per Customer Requirement by following Statutory & Regulatory Requirement with Application of all clause Excluding Design & Developments of QMS ISO 9001:20159001:2015Active
101STANDARD FINIS OIL CO.Dhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturer of Disinfectant, Household Insecticides & Hygiene Products9001:2008Suspended
102Star Line Food Products Ltd.Feni(Bangladash)Manufacturer & Seller of Ready-To-Eat Food Products like Biscuits, Cake, Chanachur, Vermicelli22000:2005Active
103Tamanna International LimitedDhaka(Bangladash)Sourcing, Export-Import for Readymade Garments, Accessories,Raw Materials & Commodities9001:2008Suspended
104Technomedia LimitedDhaka(Bangladash)Information Technology & Alternative Delivery Channel Solution Provider with After Sales Service & Security Printing as per Customer Requirement by Following Statutory & Regularity Requirement with Exception of Design & Development of this Standard9001:2015Active
105The Rani Re-Rolling Mills LtdDhaka(Bangladash)“Manufacturer of “Rani TMT 500W-550W Gold” Bar, Billet & Angle.”9001:2008Suspended
106TOMA Concrete Ltd.Jamalpur( Bangladesh)Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Pre- Stressed Concrete Sleepers & Turnouts of Meter Gauge, Broad Gauge & Duel gauge for Railway Track as per Customer requirement by following statutory & regulatory requirement with application of all clause of ISO 9001:2015 QMS.9001:2015Active
107TOMA Construction & Co. LimitedDhaka(Bangladash)Special Class Contractor, Service Provider and Supplier as per Customer requirement by following statutory & regulatory requirement9001:2015Active
108TOMA Properties Ltd.Ramna (Bangladesh)Planning, Designing, Developing & Construction of Real Estate & Landed Asset as per Customer requirement by following statutory & regulatory requirement with application of all clauses of ISO 9001:2015 QMS.9001:2015Active
109Vikrampur Steel LtdDhaka, Narayangonj – Bangladesh Manufacturing &Selling of M.S Angle, Channels, M.S Rod 300W & 500W as per Customer Requirement by following statutory ®ulatory requirement[9001:2015][14001:2015]Active
110WAMYDhaka(Bangladash)Social Services & Youth Development Activities9001:2008Suspended
111World Education Services LtdDhaka(Bangladash)Providing Student Counseling Services as Representative of World Renowned Colleges and Universities9001:2008Suspended
112World Immigration Services Ltd.Dhaka(Bangladash)Providing Consultancy for Business Migration, Skilled Migration, Tours & Travel, Visa Processing & Immigration Services9001:2008Suspended
113Zahir Steel & Re-Rolling Mills LtdDhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturing & Supplier of TMT 500W, 60 & 40 Grade Rebar, Billet, Angle & Square Bar Following Customer Requirement & Statutory & Regulatory Requirements9001:2015Active
114Zahir Steel & Re-Rolling Mills LtdDhaka(Bangladash)Manufacturing & Supplier of TMT 500W, 60 & 40 Grade Rebar, Billet, Angle & Square Bar in an Environmental Friendly Working Conditions According to Customer Requirement & Statutory & Regulatory Requirements14001:2015Active
115Zenith Pharmaceuticals Ltd.Dhaka & Feni (Bangladesh)Formulating Manufacturing, Sell, Distribution & Export of Medicines by following statutory & regulatory requirements with fulfilling the needs & expectation of interested parties & compliance requirements without compromising the quality issues which are related to our operation with allocation of all clauses of this standard[9001:2015][14001:2015]Active
116Zon Ron Sweaters LtdDhaka (Bangladesh)Manufacturing & Export of All Types of Sweaters, Cardigans for Children, Men & Women as per Customer Requirement by following statutory & Regularity Requirement 9001:2015Active
118Pakistan Clients
1203N-Lifemed PharmaceuticalsLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of R.O. Water Treatment System for Dialysis Machines, Sand Filter, Carbon Filter, EDI System, Water Softener, U.V. Sterilizer, Deionizer, Drinking Water Plant, Dialysis Machines, Dialysis Solution, Chlorination System, Lifemed Citro-HD (Heat Disinfection Solution for Haemodialysis Machines), Lifemed Peroxy-CD (Dialyzer Re-processing Solution), Import of Dialysis Machines, Medical Equipments, Surgical Disposable items, LITHO-TN (Lithoclast), Dialysis Chairs[9001:2015] [CE Mark]Active
1213 Star Engineering WorksGujranwala(Pakistan)Manufacturing of LPG Cylinder & Attachments9001:2015Active
1225Ps InternationalSargodha(Pakistan)Growers, Processors and Exporters22000:2005Active
12349TH North SMC Pvt LtdLahore (Pakistan)Processing and Export of Quality Himalayan Rock Salt and Rock Salt Products[9001:2015][14001:2015][HACCP][22000:2005]Active
124A & N Himalyan Salt CraftKhushab Punjab – PakistanExporters of Himalayan Natural Rock Salt[9001:2015][HACCP]Active
125A.G & SonsKarachi(Pakistan)Civil, Electrical & Maintenance Works9001:2015Active
126A R InternationalLahore (Pakistan)Processing of Natural Himalayan Rock Salt9001:2015Active
127A.S Khan Construction (Private) LimitedIslamabad(Pakistan)Construction of Buildings, Roads, Pavement, Drainage and Retaining Structure, Signcraft Installation, Infrastructural Development Works, Sewerage Works, Water Supply Works, General Civil Engineering Works, Concrete Repairs, Soil Investigation and Stabilization, Landscaping and Horticulture, Reclamation Works, General Building Maintenance and Water Proofing Works. Sound System, Security, Safety and Surveillance System, Low Voltage Installation, Specialized Lighting System, Telecommunication Installation. Heating Ventilation and Air- conditioning, Fire Prevention and Protection System9001:2015Active
128A-1 Star EnterprisesGujranwala(Pakistan)Manufacturing of LPG Cylinders & Attachments18001:2007Active
129A2SK Engineering (Pvt.) LimitedLahore (Pakistan)Provide Services in Various Sectors like: Engineering, Design Consultancy & Third Party Inspection Services in the field of Electrical, Mechanical, Civil etc. [9001:2015][14001:2015][OHSAS 18001:2007]Active
130ABA Associates (Pvt) Limited.Karachi(Pakistan)Procurement, Compliance, IT & Legal Consultants9001:2015Active
131Abbottabad International Medical Institute, Abbottabad International Teaching Hospital, District Head Quarter Hospital Harripur,Abbottabad(Pakistan)Services in TQM, Laboratory Quality Assurance, Medical Education as well as Health Care Services9001:2015Active
132ABCON Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Construction / Electrical / Mechanical / Civil Works9001Suspended
133Abdul Rahman Enterprises Pvt Ltd.Karachi (Pakistan)To Provide Engineering & Maintenance Services and Technical Support in the Field of: Mechanical Fabrication, Dismantling and Erection, Industrial Shutdown and Maintenances, Insulation, Cladding, Ducting, Painting, Coating, Wrapping and all Type of Plant Civil Construction[9001:2015][14001:2015][45001:2018]Active
134Abdullah Sugar Mills Limited DistilleryNankana Sahib – PakistanProduction of Fuel Grade Ethanol from Mollases9001:2015Active
135Abedin InternationalLahore (Pakistan)Animal Procurement, Slaughtering, Chilling, Packing & Export of Beef & Mutton Carcasses, Boneless Meat[9001:2015][14001:2015][22000:2005][HACCP]Active
136Abid & Company (Pvt.) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Manufacturer, Importers & Exporter of Henna Powder, Amber Musk & Oriental Perfumes[9001:2015][14001:2015]Active
137Accufit Plastic Industries Pvt LtdIslamabad (Pakistan)Manufacturers of uPvc Pipe Fittings, Accufit PPRC, Pipe & Fittings, Pvc Electrical Conduit, Duct & Fittings, HDPE Pipes, HDPE Water Tank9001:2015Active
138ACE Indigo Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Energy Meters[9001:2015][14001:2015][OHSAS 18001:2007]Active
139Ace Management System ConsultantsKarachi(Pakistan)Provide Management, IT, HR, QHSE Consultancies, Internal Auditing, Facilitate in Acquiring Certifications, Business Setup Services & HSE Training and other Industrial Related Training Services9001:2015Active
140Ad Krieitiv ClanKarachi(Pakistan)BTL Advertising or Below the Line Advertising We Provide Services in out of Home Creative Billboard and Roundabout or Triangles, Retail Marketing / POSM, Shop Signages Mail Activations and other in Door Branding[9001:2015][18001:2007]Active
141Adam Steel Pvt. Ltd. (Formely Hattar Sold Steel Corporation (Pvt.) Ltd.Karachi(Pakistan)Adam Steel (PVT) LTD. is Esteemed to Make Quality Steel Bars and Product While from the Process of Manufacturing[9001:2008] [14001:2004][18001:2007]Suspended
142Adeel Shehbaz Steel MillsHattar(Pakistan)Manufacturing of Quality Deformed Steel Bars Grade 40 & Grade 60 According to ASTM A-6515 / A-36 / A-706 & Cold Worked Twisted Bars According to BSS 4449 Standards Requirement9001:2015Active
143Advanced Materials TechnologiesIslamabad(Pakistan)Testing Services in Accordance with IEC/ISO/UL, ASTM/BS/DIN Standards for Metallic, Polymeric, Ceramic and Composites Materials, Bio-Nano Materials. Alloy Development, Microstructure, Chemical/Phase Analysis, Electrical/ Mechanical, NDT and Environmental Testing17025:2005Active
144AGHA Jee PrintersIslamabad(Pakistan)Offset Printing, Screen Printing, SecurityPrinting, Packaging Printing.[9001:2008] [14001:2004][18001:2007]Active
145Agha's Natural Mineral WaterHyderabad - PakistanManufacturer of Mineral Water9001:2008Active
146AGRO Processors & Atmospheric Gases (Pvt.) Ltd.Karachi(Pakistan)Manufacture of Vegetable Products, i.e. Oil & Ghee22000:2005Active
147Agri Commodities Karachi (Pakistan)Milling, Processing & Export of RiceHACCPActive
148Agroman Crystal Rice Mills Pvt. Ltd Ali pur Chattha Gujranwala ( Pakistan)Processing and Export of Rice [9001:2008][14001:2015][HACCP][22000:2005+PAS 220]Active
149AHI Chemiplast Pvt. Ltd.Gujranwala(Pakistan)Manufacturing & Assembling of Industrial Packaging Material (Poly Propylene Bags, Thread, Steel Wire etc. and Import / Export of Plastic & Metal Scrap9001:2008Active
150Ahmad Medix (Pvt.) LtdLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturer of Ambulances[9001:2015][14001:2015][OHSAS 18001:2007][CE MARK]Active
151AIMS – Diabetes Hospital & Research CenterPeshawar KPK-PakistanProviding Preventative, Promotional, Curative and Rehabilitative Healthcare Services to Individuals, Families and Communities with Focus on Diabetes Care, Health Research and Community Based Interventions9001:2015Active
152Akhtar Engineering ServicesIslamabad(Pakistan)Fabrication & Erection of Steel Structure, Process Piping, Storage Tanks and Vessels, Preventative Maintenance and Annual of Plants & Industry Turn Around9001:2008Active
153Akhter Solar LimitedHattar(Pakistan)Photovoltaic Solar Modules[9001:2015]Active
154AL Akhuwath EnterpriseQuetta(PakistanSolar Energy Solution & Services9001:2008Active
155AL Asad Rice MillsKarachi(Pakistan)Processing, Milling, Packaging & Exports of Rice22000:2005Active
156AL Burj Engineering & Projects Management ServicesIslamabad(Pakistan)Oil & Gas Related Material Supplies, Constructions Supplies, Engineering & Project Management Services, Imports & Exports, Logistics and other Allied Services Camp 9001:2015Active
157AL Ghousia EnterpriseRawalpindi(Pakistan)Overseas Employment Services Promoters9001:2015Active
158AL Hafiz Engineering CompanyGujranwala(Pakistan)Manufacturing of LPG Cylinders & AttachmentsOHSAS 18001:2007Active
159AL Jadeed Engineering ServicesLahore (Pakistan)Procurement, Fabrication, Installation and Servicing Activities of Complete NGV-CNG Compression Plant Including Electric Control Panels and Cascades9001:2008Suspended
160AL Karam Kinnow TradersSargodha(Pakistan)Processing & Export of Fresh Fruit & Vegetables22000:2005Active
161AL Makka TradersSargodha(Pakistan)Processing, Storage & Export of kinnow22000:2005Active
162AL Noor EnterprisesSargodha(Pakistan)Processing, Storage & Export of Citrus[9001:2008][HACCP]Active
163AL Noor Floors Mills Multan(Pakistan)Processing of Wheat Flour & Related Products[9001:2015][22000:2005]Active
164AL Rahim Farming Meat Processing & Training Co. (Pvt) Ltd.Karachi(Pakistan)Animal Procurement, Slaughtering, Cutting, Chilling, Packing, Transportation, Export of Chilled Mutton and Beef Carcasses, Frozen Boneless Meat[9001:2015][HACCP]Active
165AL Rehman Garments (Pvt.) Ltd.Faisalabad (Pakistan)Manufacturer & Exporter of Fabrics, Garments & Made Ups9001:2008Active
166AL Rehman Meat ProcessorLahore (Pakistan)Procurement, Animal Slaughtering, Cutting, Chilling, Packing & Export of Mutton, Beef Carcasses & Boneless Meat[9001:2008][HACCP]Active
167AL Sharique Trading CompanyHyderabad(Pakistan)General Trading9001:2008Active
168AL Tech Engineers & ManufacturesLahore (Pakistan)Rail Crossings, Rail Track Fasting Materials, Rolled Steel Sleepers, Track Tools & Accessories9001:2015Active
169Albayrak Turizm Seyahat ?n?aat Ticaret A.?. Lahore (Pakistan)Waste Management Services, General Construction and Contracting Works[9001:2015][14001:2015][OHSAS 18001:2007]Active
170Ali EnterprisesLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturer & Exporter of Janitorial Equipment9001:2015Active
171Ali Murtaza Associates (Pvt) LtdLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturer & Exporter of Woven Garments[9001:2015][14001:2004]Active
172Alif Industry (TurkPlast)Kasur(Pakistan)Manufacturing & Export of PPR-C, U-PVC, PE Pipes & Fittings, Electrical Conduits, Garden Hose Pipes & Sanitary Fittings[9001:2008][14001:2004]Active
173Allied & Co.Lahore (Pakistan)Food, Catering & Civil Works[9001:2015][18001:2007]Active
174Alpine Industialcon (Pvt.) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Provision of Machining, Fabrication, Casting, Forging & System Integration Services9001:2008Active
175AM Trading CompanyGujrat(Pakistan)Manufacture and Export of All Himalayan Salt Products, Edible / Eatable Salt and Bath Salt[9001:2015][22000:2005][HACCP]Active
176Al-Waqas AssociatesLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Technical Educational Equipments (Civil,Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic,Computer)[9001:2015][14001:2015]Active
177Amanat Trading CompanyLahore (Pakistan)Processing and Export of all Kinds of Rice22000:2005[GMP]Active
178AMF Kamrani ImpexSialkot(Pakistan)Manufacturing and Export of Boxing Gloves, MMA Items, Sportswear and Mixed Martial Arts Equipment9001:2008Suspended
179Amtech Int. (Pvt.) Ltd. (Star Technologies)Lahore (Pakistan)Vehicle Tracking & Asset Security9001:2015Active
180Amtech ( Advance Material Technology)Islamabad(Pakistan)Lab Testing-R&DLMS-AIAOActive
181Anmol Scientific Co.Lahore (Pakistan)Manufacturer/ Importer/ Exporter/ Distributor of Laboratory Chemicals, Glassware, Pharmaceutical, Textiles, Steel Mills, Metallurgical, Heat Treatment, Chemicals, Water Quality, Geo technical Engineering Drilling, Soil, Cement, Concrete, Asphalt & Aggregates Testing Instruments[9001:2015][14001:2015]Active
182Applied Technology Institute, NLC (ATIN-NLC)Mandra Rwalpindi (Pakistan)Providing Services in Realistic Skill Training in the field of Construction Machinery, Applied Technologies and Operating Earth Moving Machinery for Capacity Building and Human Resource Development at National level in accordance with International Standards[9001:2015][IWA2:2007]Active
183Applied Technology Institute, NLC (ATIN-NLC)Dina Jhelum (Pakistan)Providing Services in Realistic Skill Training in the field of Construction Machinery, Heavy Transport and Related Applied Technologies for Capacity Building and Human Resource Development at National level in accordance with International Standards[9001:2015][IWA2:2007]Active
184Applied Technology Institute, NLC (ATIN-NLC)Amangarh (Pakistan)Providing Services in Realistic Skill Training in the field of Construction Machinery, Heavy Transport and Related Applied Technologies for Capacity Building and Human Resource Development at National level in accordance with International Standards[9001:2015][IWA2:2007]Active
185Applied Technology Institute, NLC (ATIN-NLC)Gilgit (Pakistan)Providing Services in Realistic Skill Training in the field of Heavy Construction Machinery, Mechanical Transport and related Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Applied Technologies for Capacity Buildings and Human Resource Development at National level in accordance with International Standards[9001:2015][IWA2:2007]Active
186Applied Technology Institute, NLC (ATIN-NLC)Khairpur Mirs, Sindh – PakistanProviding Services in Realistic Skill Training in the field of Construction Machinery, Heavy Transport and related Applied Technologies for Capacity Buildings and Human Resource Development at National level in accordance with International Standards[9001:2015][IWA2:2007]Active
187A.R. Nutraceutical Pharma (Pvt) LtdKarachi(Pakistan)Manufacturing of Nutraceutical Products, Herbal Products, Anti-Septic Product, Herbal Extraction and Herbal Vatinary Product9001:2015Active
188Aries Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd.Peshawar KPK-PakistanManufacturer & Exporter of Pharmaceutical Products9001:2015][14001:2015]Active
189Army Services Corps SchoolNowshera (Pakistan)To Train Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers, Non Commissioned Officers and Selected Soldiers of Army Service Corps and other Arms / Services in Supply & Transport Subjects along with Specialized Training in the Field of Petrol Oil and Lubricants, Air Dispatch & Food Management9001:2015Active
190ARP (Pvt.) Ltd.Islamabad(Pakistan)Manufacturing & Export of Pharmaceutical Products9001:2015Active
191Ascend Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Manufacture of (Salaar) Three (03) Wheel Four (04) Stroke Petrol / CNG Motor CAB Rickshaw.9001:2015Active
192Atlantic Surveyors (Pvt.) Ltd.karchi (Pakistan)Provision of Services as Marine / Insurance Surveyor & Q&Q Inspector in Raw Materials & Finished / Refined Goods of Petroleum and Petrochemicals, Edible Oil, Chemicals, Agriculture Crops, Grains, Fertilizers & Other Goods Including Machinery, Vehicles, Iron, Steel, Coal, Cement, Tiles9001:2008Active
193Aulton NutraceuticalsHattar(Pakistan)Manufacturing of Nutraceuticals and Food Supplements Products[9001:2015][14001:2015]Active
194Aulton PharmceuticalsHattar(Pakistan)Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals Products[9001:2015][14001:2015]Active
195Aurik PharmaceuticalsIslamabad(Pakistan)Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals Products9001:2015Active
196Awan Traders Sargodha(Pakistan)Growing, Processing, Packing and Export of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables22000:2005Active
197Aymco Manpower ServicesLahore (Pakistan)Recruitment of the Manpower9001:2008Active
198AZM Computer Services (Private) LimitedLahore (Pakistan)Provision of Information and Communications Technology Consulting, Customized Software Development, ERP Implementation Services, Software Sale, Maintenance & Support Services, Web & Multimedia Development, Data Entry Services, Business Process Outsourcing Services9001:2015Active
199Babar & Sharique TradersKarachi(Pakistan)General Trading9001:2008Suspended
200Barani Institute of Sciences (Sahiwal Campus)Sahiwal (Pakistan)Offered Programmes: Department of Computer Sciences (BSCS, BSIT, MCS, MIT, MSComputer Sciences ) | Department of Management Sciences (BBA (Hons.), MBA 3.5 Years, MBA 1.5 Year, MS Management Sciences) | Department of Social & Formal Sciences (BS Economics, MSc Economics, MSc Mathematics, MSc StatisticsIWA2:2007Active
201Barqaab Consulting Services (Pvt.) LimitedLahore (Pakistan)Engineering Consultancy Services Include: Feasibility Studies, Survey 8» Investigations, Design Review, Detailed Design, Contract Documents, Construction Supervision, Project Management, Environmental & Resettlement Studies, Monitoring 8» Evaluation and Operation & Maintenance9001:2015Suspended
202Base Engineering ServicesTaxila (Pakistan)Fabrication, Erection, Installation and Commissioning of Mechanical Services at Plant9001:2008Active
203Bashir Sons IndusteryGujranwala(Pakistan)sanitary fitting / Accessories9001:2008Suspended
204Belmont CosmicIslamabad(Pakistan)Inspection, Calibration & Fabrication9001:2008Active
205BENSON PharmaceuticalsIslamabad(Pakistan)Pharmaceutical Products9001:2008Active
206Bestech EnterprisesFaisalabad(Pakistan)Supplier of Medical Equipment, IT Solutions, Chemicals and Manufacturer of Hospital & Office Furniture,Autoclaves, Inclinators, Laundry9001:2008Active
207Binarif Industries (Pvt) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing & Export of Various Chemicals (Acetates, Phthalates, Adhesives, Thinners)[9001:2015] [14001:2015]Active
208BIONS (Bio Natural Solution)Islamabad (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Nutraceutical Products9001:2015Active
209Biz Tech Resources (Pvt.) Ltd. Islamabad (Pakistan)IT & Management Consultancy, Software Development & Capacity Building9001:2015Active
210BIZCO International Lahore (Pakistan)Processing and Trade of Himalayan Salt Products[9001:2015][22000:2005]Active
211Bluestone Engineering and Construction (Pvt.) Ltd. Lahore Cantt. (Pakistan)Design and Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Industrial Commercial, Residential Projects, EPC Contractor. Pre-Engineered, Fabricated Buildings & Steel Structures Construction of Road, Bridges, Highways, Motorways, Oil & Gas Pipe Lines & Exploration Onshore & Offshore Rigs. Construction of Dams, Canals, Irrigation System, Public Health Infrastructure, Grid Stations, Security Surveillance System, Civil Electrical, mechanical and HVAC Engineering Works. [9001:2015] [14001:2015][18001:2007]Active
212Bloom Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd.Hari Pur, KPK - PakistanManufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2015] [14001:2015]Active
213Biogen PharmaRawalpindi(Pakistan)Pharmaceutical Products9001:2008Active
214BM Steel IndustriesIslamabad(Pakistan)Manufacturing of Deformed Steel Bars IN VARIOUS SIZES GRADE 40 & 60 IN ACCORDANCE WITH ASTM / BSS STANDARDS9001:2015Active
215Building StandardsLahore (Pakistan)Consultants, Laboratory & Field Testing, Analysis[9001:2008] [14001:2004][18001:2007]Active
216Bumzee’sLahore (Pakistan)Restaurant & Catering Services22000:2005Active
217Bundu Khan Foods Private Limited Lahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing / Retailing of Food & Bakery Products22000:2005Active
218Café PaprikaIslamabad(Pakistan)Restaurants, Supply of Food & Catering Services9001:2008Suspended
219CapexIslamabad (Pakistan)Manufacturing & Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products9001:2008Suspended
220Capital Diagnostic CentreIslamabad(Pakistan)Providing Following Services: Blood Bank, Open MRI, Spiral Ct Scan, Laboratory, Digital X-Ray, Digital OPG/ CEPH, 4-D Echocardiography, ECG, DEXA Scan, NCS / EMG, Spirometery Color Doppler, 4-D Ultrasound, Anomaly Scan9001:2015Active
221Capital EngineeringsRawat (Pakistan)Manufacturing of LPG Cylinders9001:2015Active
222Capital Medical CenterRawalpindi(Pakistan)Clinical Lab and Diagnostic Services9001:2015Active
223Capital Service SystemIslamabad(Pakistan)Trade in Industrial Machinery / Equipment & Parts9001:2015Active
224CAPtexLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Casual & Protective Textile9001:2008Active
225Caraway PharmaceuticalIslamabad(Pakistan)Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products 9001:2008Active
226CECOS University of IT & Emergency SciencesPeshawar(Pakistan)Teaching and Research in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Biotechnology, Management, Information Technology, Computer and Emerging Sciences9001:2015Active
227Careercounsel Private Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Consultancy for Design & Engineering of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Architecture, Management Solution of EPC & Environmental[9001:2008] [14001:2004][18001:2007]Active
228Central Engineering Services (Pvt).LtdLahore (Pakistan)Pharmaceutical MachineryEquipents[9001:2008] [14001:2004]Active
229Cerebrum Solutions Pvt LtdKarachi(Pakistan)Catering Fast-food22000:2005Active
230Chakdara InternationalChakdara (Pakistan)Overseas Employment Services Promoters9001:2015Active
231Chamber of Commerce & IndustryGujranwala(Pakistan)Services for growth of Industry & Trade9001:2008Active
232Chase InternationalSargodha(Pakistan)Processor and Exporter of Fruit & VegetablesHACCPActive
233Chaudhary Engineering CompanyGujranwala(Pakistan)Manufacturing of LPG Cylinders & Attachments9001:2015Active
234Chaudhary Grinding MillsLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Calcium Carbonate and Talcum Powder9001:2015Active
235CITI LAB & Research CenterLahore (Pakistan)Academic Research & Labortory Services9001:2008Active
236CITI LAB & Research CenterLahore (Pakistan)Pathology Lab Testing Services15189:2012Active
237Citi Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd.Kasur (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Bulk Drugs and Formulation of Pharmaceuticals Products9001:2015Active
238Commodity Inspection Services Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.karchi (Pakistan)Provision of Loss Adjuster and Surveys/ Inspection in the field of Manufactured Goods (Textile & Textile Products), Agricultural Crops Grain and Grain Product, Natural Resources & Refine Products, Petroleum, Petrochemicals & by Product, Fertilizers & Other Chemicals.9001:2008Active
239CompuArtIslamabad (Pakistan)Designing, Manufacturing, Sales & Export of Doors, Kitchen Wardrobes, Ceiling, Wall Panels, Furniture Panels, Decorative Panels, Artwork, Fret Work and all Other Customized Interiors9001:2015Active
240Connect Communications (Private) LimitedKarachi(Pakistan)Internet Services, Data Connectivity, Telecommunication Services Provider9001:2015Active
241Contructional Technology Training Institute (CTTI) - PAK ARMYIslamabad(Pakistan)Contribute in the Overall Development of Social Infrastructure by Providing Skilled Manpower in Variety of Civil Works Discipline[9001:2008] [14001:2004][IWA2:2007]Active
242Cool Industries (Pt.) Limited (WAVES)Lahore (Pakistan)Design, Marketing, Manufacturing, Assembling,After Sales & Export of Electric & Electronic Home & Commercial Appliances9001:2008Active
243Coppergat Cables (Pvt) LtdLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing, Marketing, Selling & Export of LT/HT Electric Wires & Cables, AAC, ACSR Conductors, Single Core & Multicore Building Wires & Power Cables, Telecommunication, Instrumentation & Control Cables with Al-foiled/Tinned Copper Shielded Industrial Cables in Accordance with WAPDA / KESC / PSQCA / IEC / BSS / SASO / SANS / DEWA / SEWA & UL Standards[9001:2015] [14001:2015][OHSAS18001:2007][CEMark][RoHS]Active
244Cratus Engineering Services (Pvt) LtdIslamabad (Pakistan)Civil Contracting, Real Estate Projects, Consulting Services, Telecom Tower & Facilities Build, Facilities Management, Network Design, RF Optimization, Network Operations, Power Products & Services, Transport Services, Security Systems9001:2015Active
245Crescent Dyeing & Embroidery (Pvt) LimitedLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing and Export of Embroidery Thread and Embroidered Fabric9001:2015Active
246Crescent InternationalSargodha(Pakistan)Electrical Accessories9001:2008Active
247Crystolite PharmaceuticalsIslamabad(Pakistan)Manufacturer of Pharmaceuticals Products9001:2015Active
248Daimond MetalsKarachi(Pakistan)Manufacturing of Billets and Re-Rolling of Special Alloy and Mild Steel Product in All Shape14001:2015Active
249Damco FoodsRawalpindi (Pakistan)Processing of Fruit Juices, Mineral Water, Chips & Snacks9001:2015Active
250DANAS Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd.Islamabad (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals Products9001:2008Active
251Dani EnterprisesIslamabad (Pakistan)Construction (Civil, E&M) Janitorial Services Provider[9001:2015] [14001:2015][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
252Dekhan Corporation Ltd.Sialkot(Pakistan)Leather products[9001:2008] [14001:2004]Suspended
253Dilmeer Foods Lahore (Pakistan)Processing & Export of Edible Crystalline Salt and Salt ProductS9001:2015 [HACCP]Active
254Dilpasand Foods (Pvt.) Lt.Karachi(Pakistan)Production of Prime Quality Sweets, Bakery, Nimkoz, Ice Cream & Food Product[9001:2015][22000:2005][HACCP]Active
255Din Farm Products (Private) LimitedLahore (Pakistan)Production & Sale of Fresh Table Eggs[22000:2005][HACCP]Active
256Din Textile Mills LimitedLahore-Riwind (Pakistan)Manufacture of Yarn (Greige, Melange,Lycra, Dyed) and Dyed Fiber & Power Generation[9001:2008] [14001:2004]Active
257Din Textile Mills LimitedLahore (Pakistan)Manufacture of Grey Yarn, Mélange, Lycra Yarn, Dyeing of Fiber & Yarn & Power Generation[9001:2008] [14001:2004]Active
258DONG FANG International Co.Kotri-Sindh-PakistanSupplier of Fly Ash, Granulated Blast Furnace Slag9001:2008Active
259DWP GroupLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing and Assembling of Consumer Electronics Products Including Audio Visual Devices (LED TV) and Home Appliances (AC, Water Dispensers)9001:2015Active
260Dynamik Engineering ServicesLahore (Pakistan)Testing & Calibration of Industrial Tools & Equipments9001:2015Active
261EcoworkwearFaisalabad (Pakistan)Manufacturer & Exporter of Working Gloves & Protective Clothing9001:2015Active
262Electrical Engineering ServicesLahore (Pakistan)Design, Development, Manufacturing of Education Training Equipments.[9001:2015][14001:2015]Active
263Elegant Manpower ServicesRawalpindi(Pakistan)Overseas Employment Services Promoters[9001:2008]Active
264Elemech Pakistan Private LimitedLahore (Pakistan)Providing Comprehensive Engineering Solutions Including Designing, Fabrication and Turnkey Projects I.E. Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Projects, Sales, After Sales Service and Rental Services of Heavy Duty Equipment Including Generators and Construction Machinery Besides Supply of Spare Parts and Electrification Solutions9001:2015][18001:2007]Active
265ELF International Engineering Pvt Ltd.Karachi(Pakistan)To Provide Technical & Engineering Services[9001:2015] [14001:2015][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
266Elite Metal Tek (Pvt.) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing / Fabrication of Pressure Vessels, LPG Storage Tanks, LPG Transportable Browsers & LPG Cylinders9001:2008Active
267Equipment Testing & Calibration ServicesIslamabad(Pakistan)Inspection, Testing & Calibration of All Types LPG / CNG (Bowers, Vessels, Pressure Gauges, Flexible Hoses, Safety Relief Devices and Cylinders)9001:2008Active
268Ever Fit IndustriesRawalpindi(Pakistan)uPVC, PPRC & HDPE Pipes & Fittings9001:2008Active
269Evolution Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd.Islamabad (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2015][14001:2015]Active
270Excel Cables (PVT) LTDLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing, Marketing, Selling & Export of LT/HT Electric Wires and Cables of all Sizes, AAC, ACSR Conductors, Single Core & Multicore Building Wires and Power Cables, Telecommunication & Control Cables in Accordance with WAPDA / PSQCA / KESC / IEC / BSS Standards[9001:2015] [14001:2004][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
271Expertflow (Pvt.) LimitedLahore (Pakistan)Call Centre Deployment, Software Development and Maintenance[9001:2008] [14001:2004]Suspended
272Faisal sanitary fitting industries (Pvt) LTDGujranwala(Pakistan)Manufacturing of sanitary fittings and bathroom accessories9001:2008Active
273Fakhar Sandhu & Co.Sargodha(Pakistan)Processing & Export of Citrus[9001:2008][HACCP]Active
274Faqir Sons Private LimitedKarachi(Pakistan)Supplier & Exporter of Honey9001:2008Active
275Farhad EnterprisesSargodha (Pakistan)Processing & Export of Fruit & Vegetables22000:2005Active
276Farmers Market LtdRawalpindi(Pakistan)Hydroponically Fruit / Vegetable 22000:2005Active
277Faisal Fan (Rameez Electric Industries)Gujrat(Pakistan)Manufracturing and Export of all Kinds of Fans9001:2008Active
278Faiz Chemical Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing & Export of Various Acetates (Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, N-Propyl Acetate, Isopropyl Acetate, Textile Auxiliaries)9001:20015Active
279FAST Cables Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing, Marketing & Sales of Electrical Wire, MV, LT Wiring Cables, Aluminum / Copper Power Cables Armoured / Unarmoured, Flexible & Shielded Instrumentation, Control Cables, Telecommunication Cables and AAC / ACSR & AAAC Conductors[9001:2015] [14001:2015][OHSAS18001:2007][CEMark]Active
280Fincon ServicesIslamabad (Pakistan)Management Consultancy Services9001:2008Active
281Fine PackagesLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing and Export of Plain / Printed Corrugated Cartons, Pallets, Sheets & Allied Products[9001:2015] [14001:2015]Active
282Firestone Engineering TechnologiesLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing, Sales & Services of Firefighting & Industrial Safety Equipment, Fire Brigade Vehicles, Rescue Appliances[9001:2008] Active
283Fiza Overseas Emplyment ServiceIslamabad (Pakistan)Overseas Employment Services Provider[9001:2008]Active
284FK CITRUS INDUSTRIESSargodha(Pakistan)Manufacturing, Processing, Export, Import of Machinery, Waxes and Fruit & Vegetables22000:2005Active
285Flexo PackagesKarachi(Pakistan)Manufacturer of Corrugated Cartons, Sheets, Stiffners[9001:2015][HACCP]Active
286FM TextileLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing & Export of Socks9001:2008Active
287Focus Technologies (SMC-Private) LimitedIslamabad (Pakistan)Providing Video Surveillance, Security Systems and ICT Solutions9001:2008Active
288Four BrothersIslamabad (Pakistan)Providing Solution of Most Modern Technology9001:2008Active
289Fozan Pharmaceutical Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.Peshawar(Pakistan)Manufacturing & Export of Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2015][14001:2015]Active
290FS Lab ServicesChakwal (Pakistan)Comprehensive Services of Medical Laboratory Testing9001:2015Active
291Fozan Pharmaceutical Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.Peshawar(Pakistan)Manufacturing & Export of Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2015][14001:2015]Active
292Friends Rock SaltLahore (Pakistan)Processing and Export of Rock Salt and Rock Salt Items[9001:2015] [14001:2015][22000:2005]Active
293Fragrance Manufacturing CompanyLahore (Pakistan)Cosmetic Perfume, Paint Perfume, Solid Perfume, Toiletes Soap, Ditergent & Other Perfumes9001:2008Active
294Fruiti Fresh (Pvt.) Ltd.Sargodha(Pakistan)Processing & Export of fruit & vegetables.[22000:2005][GlobalGAP]Active
295Fuel Tech (Pvt.) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Supply of Petroleum Products9001:2015Active
296Fumicon Services (Pvt.) Ltd.karchi (Pakistan)Pest Management[14001:2004][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
297Futurenow (Pvt) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Consulting, Operations, Business and Technology Services[27001:2013][20000:2011][45001:2018]Active
298Future ScientificRawalpindi (Pakistan)Imports and Sales of Laboratory Equipment and Testing Kits9001:2015Active
299G M FurnituresChiniot(Pakistan)Manufacturing & Export All Kinds of Furniture9001:2008Active
300Gallop Water SciencesLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products { IV Infusion (LVP and SVP) }[9001:2008] [14001:2004]Active
301Gas Guide Engineering Peshawar(Pakistan)Testing of CNG/LPG Cylinders, Bowser and Vessels of all type, Pressure Gauges, Flexible Hoses, Safety Relief Devices, Industrial Boilers and Industrial Equipments9001:2015Active
302Gemstone Oil-Tools & Engineering ServicesIslamabad (Pakistan)GOES is Offering Following Services to Oil and Gas Sector in Pakistan. • Solids Control & Drilling Waste Management Services • Drilling Fluid Chemicals and Engineering Services • Production Enhancement & Flow Assurance Technology [9001:2015] [14001:2015][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
303Genbiotech NutraceuticalsRawat, Islamabad (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Nutraceuticals, Herbal, Unani, Ayurvedic Alternative Medicines, Topical Preparations and Dietary Nutritional Food Supplements[9001:2015] [14001:2015][HACCP]Active
304Global Halal Meat Pvt. Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Products from Bovine, Ovine, Caprine and Camel Origin, Boneless & Bone-In, Fresh Chilled and Frozen22000:2005Active
305Ghazali Education TrustLahore (Pakistan)Provision of Education &Training Through Curriculum Development, School Management & Teacher’s Training9001:2008Active
306Ghufran EnterprisesRawalpindi (Pakistan)Overseas Employment Services Provider9001:2008Active
307Ghullam Hussain & SonsLahore (Pakistan)Solid Waste Management & Janitorial Services[9001:2015] [14001:2015][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
308Glitz PharmaIslamabad (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products9001:2015Active
309Global PMC (Private) LimitedKarachi (Pakistan)Service Provider Company for Project Management, Design Engineering, Feasibility & Conceptual Studies, De-Bottlenecking of Process Plant, Design Engineering of Wellheads & Flow Lines, Compression Facilities for Wellhead, Process Plants & Sales Gas Metering, Regulatory Compliance & Safety Audits, Technical Evaluation Services for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Energy and other Engineering Industries[9001:2015] [14001:2015][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
310Godhra Muslim Medical CentreKarachi(Pakistan)Pathological Laboratory Testing9001:2015Active
311Godhra Muslim Medical CentreKarachi(Pakistan)Pathological Laboratory Testing9001:2015Active
312Gujrat Chamber of Commerce & IndustryGujrat(Pakistan)To Develop an Environment for the Growth of Industry & Trade9001:2008Active
313Grand Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd.Islamabad (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals9001:2015Active
314Grays PharmaceuticalIslamabad (Pakistan)Pharmaceutical Products9001:2008Active
315Great ViewRawalpindi (Pakistan)Overseas Employment Services Promoters9001:2015Active
316Green Engineering ServicesIslamabad (Pakistan)Solar Energy Solutions and Services, Solar Products Supply, Electronic Products Supply, HVAC, Security and Safety Services and Products Supply9001:2015Active
317Green T & D Private LimitedLahore (Pakistan)Design & Manufacturing of Switchgears & Transformers9001:2015Active
318Grentech Pakistan (Pvt.) LtdIslamabad (Pakistan)Survey, Design, Installation of Telecom & Micro-Wave Equipment, Civil Works, RF Planning and Optimization[9001:2008] [14001:2004][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
319Habibullah Industries (Pvt) Ltd.karchi (Pakistan)Engineering and Manufacturing of Heating, Ventilation, AirConditioning (HVAC) Products, Electrical Control Panels,Switchgears, Cable Trays & Support Services9001:2015Active
320Hafiz EnterprisesSargodha(Pakistan)Processing & Export of Quality Citrus (KINNOW)[22000:2005]Active
321Haji Muhammad Rice and Processing MillsSadoki(Pakistan)Processing and Export of Rice[22000:2005]Active
322Haji Nasru Rice MillsGujranwala (Pakistan)Processors and Exporters of Rice22000:2005Active
323Hamayun PrintersLahore (Pakistan)Printing & Packaging, Paper & Board, Printing Material Import & Export[9001:2008][HACCP]Active
324Hameeda Industries LimitedNarowal(Pakistan)Manufacturer of Kiran Banaspati Ghee, Kiran Canola, Sunflower and Soya Been cooking Oil[9001:2015[22000:2005]Active
325Hanif Homoeo ClinicIslamabad(Pakistan)Homoeopathic Clinic9001:2015Active
326Harrison PharmaceuticalsSargodha(Pakistan)Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products9001:2008Active
327Haris & Co.Hyderabad(Pakistan)Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables Products,Dehydrated Spices, Candid Products, Pulses Products22000:2005Active
328Harmain Food InternationalKhairpur Mirs, Sindh – PakistanProduction and Process of Fresh Dates (Phoenix dactylifera)Certified OrganicActive
329Haroon Engineering ServicesPeshawar(Pakistan)Inspection & Testing in the CNG I LPG I Petrochemical Sector & Testing I Inspection of CNG I LPG Cylinders, Bowser & Vessels of All Types, Pressure Gauges, Flexible Hoses, Safety Relief Devices, Industrial Boilers & Industrial Equipments9001:2008Suspended
330Hassan & Co.Lahore (Pakistan)Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables’ Products, Dehydrated Spices, Candid Products, Pulses Products22000:2005Active
331Hattar Steel Re-Rolling MillsHattar(Pakistan)Manufacturing and Supply of:Deformed Billet Steel Bars Grade 60 and Grade 40 According to ASTM A615 Cold Worked Twisted Bars According to BSS 4449 Hot Rolled Round Bars (Plain)Ingots / Billets[9001:2015] [14001:2015][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
332Hi Enterpriseskarchi (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Bread Crumb9001:2008Active
333Hilife Aluminium & Glass CompanyLahore (Pakistan)Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, Fabrication and Installation of Aluminium Windows, Doors, Double Glazing Curtain Walls and Cladding Sheets[9001:2008][RoHS]Active
334HighRise PVT ltdIslamabad(Pakistan)Telecom infrastructure and construction[9001:2015] [14001:2015][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
335HighRise PVT ltdIslamabad(Pakistan)Fabrication of self supported towers & poles.[9001:2015] [14001:2015][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
336Hi Tech CNG Services & ConsultantRawalpindi(Pakistan)CNG Stations (installation Site Selection, Equipment Procurement! Selection, CNG Station Overhauling & Maintenance) as well as Inspection & Testing of CNG I LPG Cylinders, Flexible Hoses, Bowsers and Calibration of all kinds of Safety, Gauges and Other accessories9001:2008Suspended
337Hizat Pharmaceutical IndustryPeshawar(Pakistan)Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals Products (Tablets,Capsules, Syrups, Suspensions, Ointments, Creams & Dry Powder)9001:2008Active
338HQJ Tech Pvt. LtdIslamabad(Pakistan)Engineering Services, Solution & Consultancy For All engineering Discipline, Civil Works, It Services, Ip Services, Software Development, Technical Installation, Telecom Networks (Wire & Wireless), Radio Network Optimization field Operation & Maintenance Services, Supply of hardware And Installation Material, Logistic Services & Packing9001:2015Active
339HSE ServicesIslamabad(Pakistan)Health Safety & Environment, Consultants & Services(Monitoring / Inspection Testing Services / Calibration Services / Technological Implementations / Training's / Awareness Programs / Installation and Commissioning[9001:2008] [14001:2004][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
340Hunbul Tex (Pvt.) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Designing, Embroidery, Creations, Processing, Sales (Domestic and International)[9001:2015] [14001:2004][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
341Hussain EngineersLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturer & Exporter of Auto Engine Parts[9001:2008] [14001:2004]Active
342Huzaifa MarbleTaxila (Pakistan)Production of Granite & Marble9001:2008Active
343Hydromech CorporationLahore (Pakistan)Water Pump Manufacturer / Exporter9001:2008][CE Mark]Suspended
344Hyquip Sourcing & ServicesLahore (Pakistan)Services of Electrical, Electronics, Telco, Non-Telco, Installation, Rollout, Swap, Deployment, Commissioning, Integration and Managed Services for Telecom, Power and Banking Sectors9001:2008Suspended
345Hystar Sourcing & Services (Pvt.) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)General Trading, Import, Technical Services for Industrial, Power, Telecom & Banking Sectors[9001:2008] [OHSAS18001:2007]Active
346Ibn-E-Sina Lboratory & Diagnostic CentreRawalpindi(Pakistan)Clinical Lab & Diagnostic Services9001:2008Active
347Imran & BrothersIslamabad(Pakistan)Steel Fabrication, Portable Cabins, Living Caravans,Water / Oil Storage Tanks & Pre Fabricated Buildings9001:2008Active
348Imam Trading & Contracting SMC (Pvt) LimitedIslamabad(Pakistan)Mechanical Fabrication, Electrical DBS, Telecommunication Tower, Cable Tray, Cable Trunking, Street Light Pole, HT & LT LATIS Structure Manufacturing, Transformer Repairing & Importer And Exporter Of General Items9001:2015Active
349Imam Trading & Contracting Private LimitedIslamabad(Pakistan)Manpower Consultants, Overseas Employment Promoters9001:2015Active
350INC EngineeringLahore (Pakistan)Design, Supply, Installation and After Sales Services for Electrical, Civil, Refrigeration, Mechanical Equipment, HVAC, BMS & MEP[9001:2015] [14001:2015][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
351Independent Medical College & Independent University Teaching Hospital Faisalabad(Pakistan)Services in TQM, Laboratory Quality Assurance, Medical Education as well as Health Care Services9001:2015Active
352Innoserve (Pvt) LtdKarachi (Pakistan)Wireless Infrastructure Turnkey Solutions and Civil Work Services27001:2013Active
353InspectechLahore (Pakistan)Inspection, Testing, Calibration, HSE, Training & NDE Services9001:2015Active
354Institute of Reliability Centered Maintenance (IRCM)Lahore (Pakistan)Provision of Industrial Technical Training Services, Plant Automation (Distributed Control System, Transmitter), Non- Destructive Testing (Phased Array, Boroscopy, Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Inspection), Plant Condition Monitoring (Vibration Analysis, Infrared Thermography Acoustic Emission & Oil Analysis [9001:2015][18436:2012]Active
355Integrators (Pvt.) LimitedLahore (Pakistan)Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Commissioning Services along with Plant O & M Services & also Dealing in Logistics and Trading Activities[9001:2008] [14001:2004][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
356InterSES International System Engineering & Services (Private) LimitedIslamabad(Pakistan)1. Telecommunication’s Engineering Service 2. Total Solution Based Supply, Installation, Testing,Commissioning and Maintenance of Telecommunication Equipment, Accessories and Material 3. Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance of Power and Renewable Energy Equipment & Solutions.[9001:2015] [14001:2015][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
357Ittefaq Building Solutions (Pvt) LtdLahore (Pakistan)Construction Services[9001:2015] [14001:2015]Active
358Ittefaq Recruiting AgencyLahore (Pakistan)Recruitment of the Manpower9001:2008Active
359Jan Mohammad and Sons (JMS)Rawalpindi (Pakistan)Manpower recruitment / training & testing Facility 9001:2008Suspended
360Jameel Rice MillsSiranwali (Pakistan)Processing, Sales & Export of Rice[9001:2008][22000:2005]Active
361Japanese Integrated Turbine ServicesIslamabad(Pakistan)Solution Provider for Complete Gas Turbine MaintenancelRefurbishment/Spares9001:2008Active
362Jawa Paint IndustryLahore (Pakistan)Paint Manufacturer and Marketing9001:2015Active
363JRHHR TradersKarachi(Pakistan)Packing, Supplies and Trading of Food & Non-Food Items (Confectionary, Natural & Herbal Products)9001:2015Active
364Kadeer Brothers LahoreLahore (Pakistan)Importer, Exporter, Manufacturer of Industrial, Education and Construction Material Testing Equipments. Services of Installation, Training and Repairing (Laboratory and 9001:2015Active
365Kalam InternationalMalakanad Agency (Pakistan)Manpower Consultants, Overseas Employment Promoters9001:2015Active
366Kalsym Systems (Pvt) LimitedIslamabad (Pakistan)Software / IT / Telecommunication Value Added Services and Core Network Platform Provider20000-1:2011Active
367Kashif Rice MillsGujranwala(Pakistan)Husking, Processing & Export of Rice[9001:2015][HACCP]Active
368 KAT - CoMuridke (Pakistan)Slaughtering and Processing of Fresh Meat[9001:2008][HACCP]Active
369KCN Telecommunications (Private) LimitedIslamabad(Pakistan)Provide Engineering Services for Turnkey wire line and wireless Telecom Networks Development & Optimization, Engineering Services for Marine Electrical & Combat System Connectorization Works on Vessels, Provisioning of Solar Power Plants & Managed Services (Operations & Field Maintenance Services). Provide Services for the Complete Life Cycle of the Telecom Networks and Marine Electrical Components On Vessels. Including Planning, Projects Management, Project Execution, Supply Of Hardware & Installation Materials & Network Managed Services.[9001:2008] [14001:2004][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
370Khalid Rice MillsNankana Sahib (Pakistan)Super Basmati Rice, Long Grain RiceCertified OrganicActive
371K.I. Engineering (Pvt.) LimitedLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing, Fabrication & Erection of Pre-Engineered Steel Building, Steel Structure, PG Gas Cylinder & Tanks, Equipments like Boiler, Chiller, Heat Exchanger, Filter Separator, Skid units, Power house, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals, Sugar, Cement, Oil & Gas Purification Plants and Allied Industries underground Pipelines Constructions[9001:2008] [14001:2004][OHSAS18001:2007]Suspended
372Kohsar Hydro Power Private LimitedMirpur Azad Kashmir Power Generation Company[9001:2008] [14001:2004][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
373KSS Engineering Pvt. Ltd.Karachi(Pakistan)Civil Works & Telecom Infrastructure Implementation Services Provider[9001:2008] [14001:2004][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
374Lahore Leads UniversityLahore (Pakistan)To Develop and Deliver Education Programs in the form of Bachelor’s Degree and post Graduate Degree in Engineering, Pharmacy, Law & Policy, Information Technology, Finance, Management Sciences and General Education[9001:2008] [IWA2:2007]Active
375Latif Manpower ServicesLahore (Pakistan)Recruitment of the Manpower9001:2008Active
376Leopards Courier Services (Pvt.) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Printing & Packing Services27001:2005Active
377Lifestyle International (Pvt.) Ltd. (HNS) PakistanLahore (Pakistan)Food Products/Herbal Medicines[9001:2015] [14001:2015][HACCP][MS1500:2004]Active
378Linear PharmaIslamabad(Pakistan)Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Products9001:2008Active
379LOGIX CollegeSargodha(Pakistan)Education, Software / Web Development, Technical & Vocational Training.[9001:2015][10015:1999][IWA2:2007]Active
380Longman Industrial SaleLahore (Pakistan)Deal in Industrial Rubber Products9001:2008Active
381Lucky plastic PVT ltdLahore (Pakistan)Maufracture of PVC ,GPPS,PP,HDPE sheets9001:2008Suspended
382M/s Muhammad IdressBahawalpur(Pakistan)Road & Pavements, Water Retaining Structure & Irrigation, Water Supply & Sewerage Works & General Civil Engineering & General Building Maintenance[9001:2008] [14001:2004]Suspended
383M/s SkillsLahore (Pakistan)Services (Manpower Supplies, Janitorial Services,Sold Waste Management, General Order Suppliers, Import Export, Civil Works & Government Contractor)9001:2008Active
384M-Tech (Multi Technology) Pvt. LimitedLahore (Pakistan)Design & Manufacturing of Medium Voltage (MV) Low Voltage (LV), Switchgear, Transformers, PFI,MCC, PLC System & Solar System[9001:2015][14001:2004][OHSAS18001:2007][CE Mark]Active
385M.A. TradersGujrat (Pakistan)Growing, Processing, Export of Rice, Wheat, Food Grains, Fruit & Vegetables22000:2005Active
386M. Ayub Engineering CompanyGujranwala(Pakistan)Manufacturing of LPG Cylinders & Attachments9001:2015Active
387M.H EnterprisesLahore (Pakistan)Procurement, Animal Slaughtering, Cutting, Chilling, Packing & Export of Mutton, Beef Carcasses & Boneless Meat22000:2005Active
388Malik Hamza Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd.Rawalpindi (Pakistan)Transportation Services for Oil & Lubricants[14001:2004][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
389Malik Sirajuddin & SonsLahore (Pakistan)Publishers, Exporters, Importers, General Order Suppliers, and Service Providers Printing of Books and Packaging9001:2008Active
390Management & Development Center (Pvt) LtdHyderabad(Pakistan)Providing Consultancy for Policy Advocacy, Research, Monitoring & Evaluation and Capacity Building of Different Development Sectors9001:2008Active
391Management & Development Foundation (MDF)Hyderabad(Pakistan)Promoting Food Security, Sustainable Livelihoods, Innovations in Education, Health Services, Maternal and Neonatal Child Health Care Services, Water Sanitation and Hygiene Facilities, Shelters Provision, Capacity Building, Rights based Approaches and Enabling Grass Root Development Initiatives through Community Participation for Poverty Alleviation9001:2008Active
392Manlga Metals Private LimitedMirpur Azad Kashmir (Pakistan)Steel Melting and Billet Manufacturing9001:2008Active
393Mass Pharma (Pvt.) LtdLahore (Pakistan)Following Dosage from Being Manufactured, Oral Solid (Tablets, Capsules, Oral Dry Powder Suspension), Topical Preparation (Cream, Ointment, Lotion & Gel Liquid Injectables (Ampoles), Small Volume Parenteral, Cephalosporin Capsules, Dry Powder Injectables (Vials)[9001:2008] [14001:2004]Active
394Master Poly Plastic Industries Ltd.Gujranwala (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Plastic Pipes & Fittings and Plastic Bathroom Accessories9001:2015Active
395Master Electro PlatingLahore (Pakistan)Surface Treatment9001:2008Active
396Market Eye Lahore (Pakistan)BTL Activations, Digital Printing, Indoor – Outdoor Creative Agency & Event Management Services9001:2015Active
397Master Sanitary Fittings Industries Ltd.Gujranwala(Pakistan)Manufacturing of Sanitary Fittings9001:2015Active
398Master Tiles and Ceramic Industries Ltd.Gujranwala(Pakistan)Manufacturing of Tiles9001:2008Active
399MEC EngineeringIslamabad(Pakistan)Oil Field - Drilling - Construction works[9001:2015] [14001:2004][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
400MEC Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Manufacture of Dropout, Cutout with Fuse Links, Instrument Transformer (LV & MV CTIPT)9001:2008Active
401Mechfit IndustriesLahore (Pakistan)Steel Fabrication and Manufacturing of Plastic Pipe Fittings9001:2015Active
402Mechgear Technologies (Private) LimitedIslamabad (Pakistan)Providing Comprehensive Engineering Solutions & Services Including Design, Fabrication as well as Turnkey Scope / EPC Management, Industrial Operations & Maintenance, Installation, Erection, Dismantling, Testing & Commissioning of Complete Plants, Control System / PLC / DCS Design & Integration, VFDs & Motor Drive Systems, Calibration, Bench Testing, Control System Upgrades, Instrument Control & Electrical (ICE) Consultancy, Rotating Machinery Control & Start-up, Procurement & Supply Services, Professional Trainings9001:2015Active
403Mechcon (Pvt.) Ltd.Islamabad(Pakistan)Plant Engineering, Engineering, Procurement, Installation & Commissioning (EPIC), Mechanical, Civil & Electrical Works, Process Piping & PipelineConstruction, Fabrication, Designing, Manufacturing, Installation, Testing & Commissioning, Upgradation & Maintenance Services, Integrated Project Services (IPS), Annual Turnarounds, Plant Operation, Construction and Project Management9001:2015Active
404Med Lab ServicesRawalpindi (Pakistan)Importer & Distributor of Laboratory Diagnostic Equipments / Reagents Kits9001:2015Active
405Medpharm Research LabLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products9001:2015Active
406Medisave PharmaceuticalsLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of pharmaceuticals products.9001:2015Active
407MEDLEY PharmaceuticalsRawalpindi (Pakistan)Manufacturing & Export of Pharmaceutical Products9001:2015Active
408MEDWELL PharmaceuticalsAttock (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals Products[9001:2008][14001:2004][22000:2005][HACCP]Suspended
409Mega Pet ProductsLahore - PakistanManufacturing Import and Export of Pet Products9001:2015Active
410Metelx TechnologiesLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturer of Instrument Transformers, Dropout Cutout Fuses and Spares Parts9001:2015Active
411Metro Textile SourcingLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturers & Exporters of Textile Made-Ups9001:2015Active
412MG TradersRawalpindi (Pakistan)Overseas Employment Services Promoters9001:2008Active
413Microtech Engineering Fabrication ServicesLahore (Pakistan)Allied Steel / Steel Fabrication Prefabricated Buildings and Structures[9001:2015][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
414Middle East Technical Trade Test & Training CentreLahore (Pakistan)Technical Trade Test & Training Centre9001:2008Active
415Mill Roll SpecialistLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Chilled Rolls, SG Iron Roll and Grain Iron Rolls for: I) Steel Re-Rolling Mills (II) Non-Fe Re- Rolling Mills (III) Rubber Mills (IV) Flour Mills (V) Paper Mills (VI) Plastic Industry (VII) Paint Industries etc.9001:2008Active
416Mint Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) LimitedLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing, Contract Manufacturing of Alternate Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2008][14001:2004][22000:2005]Active
417Mirza Aromatic FoodsGujranwala(Pakistan)Husking, Processing and Export Of Brown, White and Parboiled Rice9001:2015Active
418Mirza Niaz Muhammad & SonsLahore (Pakistan)Importers & Stockiest of Electro Medical Appliances, Distributer of Hospital Equipments, Surgical Instruments, Orthopedics Implants, Manufacture & Exporter of Hospital Furniture9001:20015Active
419Mirza Rice Mills (Pvt.) Ltd.Gujranwala(Pakistan)Manufacturing, Processing and Export of Rice22000:2005Active
420MJM Rice MillsMuridke (Pakistan)Drying, Parboiling, Steaming, Husking, Processing and Export of Rice[22000:2005][GMP]Active
421Modern Descaling CompanyLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing and Supply of Descaling and Cleaning Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, All Coolants (General MDC Formula 1 and MDC Formula 2 (Excel Long Life Coolants) and Services in Descaling and Cleaning9001:2008Active
422Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed (MBBS) Medical College & District Head Quarter Hospital MirpurMirpur (Pakistan)Services in TQM, Laboratory Quality Assurance, Medical Education as well as Health Care Services9001:2015Active
423Mufsal Services BureauLahore (Pakistan)Overseas Employment Promoters9001:2015Active
424Muhammad Yousaf & Sons.Lahore (Pakistan)Animal Procurement / Slaughtering[9001:2008][HACCP]Suspended
425Muhstakam Ittefaq Group Hattar(Pakistan)Melting & Re-Rolleing of Steel Bars9001:2008Active
426Mujahid EnterprisesHattar(Pakistan)Manufacturing of Quality Deforrned Bars Grade 40 & Grade 60 as Per ASTM A-6515 /A-36 /A-706 & Cold Worked Twisted Bars as Per BS 4449 Standards Requirements9001:2008Active
427Mujahid Rice & Processing MillsKamoki(Pakistan)Manufacturing, Processing and Export Of Rice22000:2005Active
428Multan Engineering WorksMultan(Pakistan)Services , Design & Development9001:2015 18001:2007Active
429Multitek Engineering & Services (Pvt) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Designing, Manufacturing, Trading & Installation Services of Engineering Products (Switchgear, Power Solution, Turnkey Electrical Solution, Automation Solutions, Mechanical Solutions, Trading & Services)[9001:2015] [14001:2015][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
430Mumtaz Construction Company (Pvt.) LtdIslamabad(Pakistan)Construction of Roads and Pavements, Highways, Drainage &Retaining Structure, Signcraft Installation, Bridge Structures, Piling, Dams/Water Retaining Structure, Irrigation and Flood Control System, Sewerage Works, Water Supply, General Civil Engineering Works, Concrete Repairs, Soil Investigation and Stabilization, Landscaping and Horticulture, Reclamation Works, General Building and Maintenance, Water Proofing, High Rise Buildings9001:2015Active
431Musaab Moosa Enterprises.Lahore (Pakistan)Export of Pet flakes Plastic[9001:2004] [14001:2004]Suspended
432NAB EngineersGujranwala(Pakistan)Manufacturing of LPG Cylinders & Attachments9001:2015Active
433Nadeem AssociatesLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Auto Parts9001:2008Suspended
434National Plastic IndustriesLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Plastic and Steel Parts 9001:2015Active
435National Vocational & Technical Training Commission – (NAVTTC) HeadquarterIslamabad(Pakistan)Apex Body at National Level Mandated to Regulate, Coordinate and Provide Policy Direction for Vocational and Technical Training9001:2015Active
436National Vocational & Technical Training Commission – (NAVTTC) Regional DirectorateIslamabad(Pakistan)Apex Body at National Level Mandated to Regulate, Coordinate and Provide Policy Direction for Vocational and Technical Training9001:2015Active
437National Vocational & Technical Training Commission – (NAVTTC) Regional Directorate NAVTTC Sub­Office, Multan PakistanLahore (Pakistan)Apex Body at National Level Mandated to Regulate, Coordinate and Provide Policy Direction for Vocational and Technical Training9001:2015Active
438National Vocational & Technical Training Commission – (NAVTTC) Sub-Office Fata and Regional Directorate PeshawarPeshawar(Pakistan)Apex Body at National Level Mandated to Regulate, Coordinate and Provide Policy Direction for Vocational and Technical Training9001:2015Active
439National Vocational & Technical Training Commission – (NAVTTC) Regional DirectorateQuetta(PakistanApex Body at National Level Mandated to Regulate, Coordinate and Provide Policy Direction for Vocational and Technical Training9001:2015Active
440National Vocational & Technical Training Commission – (NAVTTC) Regional Directorate, Karachi Sub­Office, Larkana -PakistanKarachi(Pakistan)Apex Body at National Level Mandated to Regulate, Coordinate and Provide Policy Direction for Vocational and Technical Training9001:2015Active
441Nawal PharmaceuticalsTaxila (Pakistan)Manufacturer & Exporter of Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2008] [14001:2004]Suspended
442Nelson Lab & Diagnostic CenterRawalpindi (Pakistan)Clinical LAB Testing & Diagnostic Services, Open MRI, Multi Slice CT Scan (SPIRL), Fully Automated Real Time PCR, Laboratory, Digital X-Ray, 3D Ultrasound Color Doppler, EEG, ECG9001:2015Active
443Netkom Technologies Pvt. LtdIslamabad(Pakistan)IT and Telecommunication network infrasctructure solutions. [9001:2008] [OHSAS18001:2007]Active
444New Allied IndustriesSargodha(Pakistan)Electric & Gas Home Appliances | Wooden & Steel Furniture | General Order Suppliers9001:2015Active
445NewtechIslamabad(Pakistan)Manufacturing & Supply of HDPE Pipe, MDPE Pipe, UPVC Pipe, PPRC Pipe & Fittings9001:2015Active
446Nomee Industries Steel Re-Rolling MillsHattar(Pakistan)Manufacturing and Supply of: Deformed Billet Steel Bars Grade 60 and Grade 40 According to ASTM A615 Cold Worked Twisted Bars According to BSS 4449 Hot Rolled Round Bars (Plain)[9001:2015] [14001:2015][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
447Noorani Surgical (Pvt.) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Importers, Exporters & Stockiest of Electro Medical Appliances, Trader of Hospital Equipments & Manufacturer of Hospital Furniture, Surgical Instruments, Orthopedics Implants9001:2015Active
448NORDIC Engineering ServicesLahore (Pakistan)Import of Engineering items, used Industrial Plants Earthmoving Machinery and Shredded Tyres.9001:2008Active
449Northern Plant IndustryLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing & supply of following type of items: 1) Railway Rolling Stock Parts & Fittings, 2) Railway Track Fittings, 3) Industrial Engine Heads, Manifolds and Liners, 4) Steel Fabrications9001:2015Active
450NUGENLahore (Pakistan) Manufacturing and Export of Nutraceutical Products9001:2015Active
451Obsons PharmaceuticalsLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals Products[9001:2015] [14001:2015][GMP]Active
452Oil and Gas Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.Islamabad(Pakistan)Providing Rig Contracting, Human Resource Services, Trainings, Rig Spares, Safety Equipments,General Order Supplies and Logistics Support[9001:2015] [OHSAS18001:2007]Active
453OMISLahore (Pakistan)Operation and Maintenance Services for Plants & Infrastructures[9001:2015] [14001:2015][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
454Organic Feast (SMC – Pvt) Ltd.Islamabad (Pakistan)Liquid and Solid Food Items such as Purified Drinking Water (Branded as Bio Crystals), Sparkling and Carbonated Water, Fruit and other Juices, Dry Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals, Wheat Flour, Gram Floor, Maize Floor, Food Grains, Pulses, Cereals, Rice, Spices, Sugar, Vegetable Ghee, Edible Oils and all Type of Other Food Products - All In a Form and Substance as Organic as Possible9001:2015Active
455Oryza Organics (Pvt) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Quality & Safe Processing of Compound Feeds[Halal Certification][9001:2008][22000:2005]Active
456P.E.C.H.S. LTD.Karachi (Pakistan)The Registration Covers Real Estate Activities9001:2015
457Pak Electron Beam Irradiation Private LimitedKarachi(Pakistan)Dehydrated Vegetables, Dehydrated Spices and Services Provider of Electron Beam Irradiation22000:2005Active
458Pak Elektron Limited (PEL)Lahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Transformers/Switch Gears/Energy MetersCE MarkActive
459Pak Kinnow FarmSargodha(Pakistan)Processing & Export of Citrus[22000:2005][GLOBALGAP]Active
460Pak Risen Pharmaceuticals Hattar(Pakistan)Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2008] [14001:2004]Active
461Pak Salt TradersLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturer of Edible & Non Edible Salt Products (Himalaya Salt)9001:2008Active
462Pakistan Engineering Co. LtdLahore (Pakistan)Designer, Manufacturing, Erector and Exporters of all types of General Structure, Transmission Line and Telecom Towers, Electric Motors, Pumps and Casting Parts9001:2015Active
463Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association (PFMA)Lahore (Pakistan)To Create & Sustain an Environment for the Growth of Footwear Manufacturers and Create Credibility in Business Activities Locally & Internationally 9001:2015Active
464Pak Saudi Diagnostic CenterRawalpindi(Pakistan)Clinical Lab and Diagnostic Services9001:2015Active
465Pakistan Professional Services (Pvt) LimitedBahawalpur(Pakistan)Providing Professional Outsource Training, Recruitment Placement, Call Centre Training, Software & Web Development, Event Management & Study Visa Consultancy9001:2008Active
466Pakistan Microbiological AssociatesRawalpindi(Pakistan)Import & Sale of Electro-Medical Equipments & Diagnostic Reagents9001:2008Active
467Paktherm (Pvt) LtdLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Solid State Induction Furnaces, Transformers, Electrolyzer and Rectifiers, Automatic Battery Chargers, Servo Motor Control Stabilizers, Variable Transformers 9001:2015Active
468Pan Islamic Industries (Pvt.) LtdLahore (Pakistan)Project Management, Design Engineering, Construction, Procurement, Fabrication & Supply of Engineering Equipment, Trailers, Generators, Bowzers, Steel Structures, Telecommunication/ Power Transmission Line Towers & its Accessories9001:2008Active
469Pan Power International (Pvt.) LtdLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Distribution Transformer,Security Boxes& Allied Accessories[9001:2008] [14001:2015][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
470Panther Engineering & Consul Services (Pvt.) Ltd.Islamabad (Pakistan)Telecommunication, IT, Wireless Network Testing, RF Optimization, Networking, Civil, Installation, Supplier and Consultancy Services Provider9001:2015Active
471Peakstar InternationalGujranwala(Pakistan)Overseas Employment Services Provider9001:2008Suspended
472Perfect Food IndustriesLahore (Pakistan)Organic Spices/Dry Fruit/White/Brown Super Basmati,Sugar Cane/Organic Medicinal & Perfumery Herbs[Certified Organic][22000:2010]Active
473Pharma Health Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products (Harmonal) Tablets, Capsules, Liquid Injectable (Ampoules)[9001:2008] [14001:2004]Active
474Pilot InternationalRawalpindi (Pakistan)Overseas Employment Services Promoters9001:2015Active
475PowertechKarachi(Pakistan)General Construction, Electrical Works, Air Conditioning Works,Telecommunication Works, Tower Installation and Allied Equipment Supplies & Installation[9001:2008] [14001:2004][OHSAS18001:2007]Suspended
476Powertech Engineering SolutionsKarachi(Pakistan)General Construction, Electrical Works, Air Conditioning Works,Telecommunication Works, Tower Installation and Allied Equipment Supplies & Installation[9001:2008] [14001:2004][OHSAS18001:2007]Suspended
477Powertech Pakistan (Private) LimitedKarachi(Pakistan)General Construction, Electrical Works, Air Conditioning Works,Telecommunication Works, Tower Installation and Allied Equipment Supplies & Installation[9001:2008] [14001:2004][OHSAS18001:2007]Suspended
478Premier Industrial Chemical Manufacturing Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.Sheikhpura(Pakistan)Production of Ethyl Alcohol from Sugar Cane Molasses through Distillation Process9001:2015][[14001:2015]Active
479Prays PharmaceuticalsIslamabad(Pakistan)Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products9001:2008Active
480Prefab ServicesTaxila (Pakistan)Pre Engineered Buildings, Porta Cabins, Mobile Containers. [9001:2008] [14001:2004]Active
481Prime Engineering Works Steel Re-Rolling (Pvt.) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Die & Open Forged Parts, Fabricated Items (E.G. Structures, Storage Tanks, Unfired Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers Etc.), Pressed Sheet Metal Components, Machined Items Including Shafts, Axles Etc., Re-Rolling of Bars, Deformed Bars, Deformed Bars & Other Sections Conforming to International and Pakistan Steel Standards9001:2015Active
482Prime FruitsSargodha(Pakistan)Processor & Exporter of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables[22000:2005][Global G.A.P]Active
483Prime TradersRawalpindi (Pakistan)Supplies and Services of Food and Beverages9001:2015Active
484PV Silicon Technologies Private LimitedLahore (Pakistan)Design and Manufacturing of Photovoltaic Solar Modules9001:2015Active
485Pyxel Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Software Development & Services[9001:2008][20000:2011]Suspended
486Qazzafi Surgical (Pvt.) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Manufacture, Import, Contract and Supply of Medical Equipment, Appliance, Apparatus, Hospital Furniture, Surgical Instruments and Ward Sundries13485:2016Active
487Q Star EngineeringLahore (Pakistan)Industrial Plant Inspection and Calibration of Measuring Devices9001:2015Active
488QNQ Super Crete IndustriesHassan Abdal (PAkistan)Manufacturing of Concrete Blocks, Bricks, Kerbstones & Tough Tiles9001:2015Active
489R.K Steel Re-Rolling MillsIslamabad(Pakistan)Manufacturing of Steel Bars in Various Sizes Grade 40 & 60 in Accordance with ASTM / BSI Standards9001:2015Active
490Ramzan Sons Electrical Industries Gujranwala(Pakistan)Manufacturing of All Kinds & Sizes of Electric Motors & Water Pumps9001:2015Active
491Ramzan Sugar Mills LimitedLahore (Pakistan)Production, Sale & Export of Refined Sugar, Brown Sugar & Molasses9001:2008Active
492RANRA EnterprisesPeshawar(Pakistan)Solar Power System, Solar Home Solution,Solar Agriculture Solution, Solar Pump, Solar Water Heater & Solar Industrial Solution9001:2015Active
493Rawalpindi Diagnostic CenterRawalpindi (Pakistan)Clinical Lab and Diagnostic Services9001:2015Active
494Rehman Traders EngineeringRawalpindi (Pakistan)Testing & Inspection Services9001:2008Active
495Renewable Power (Pvt) Ltd.Peshawar(Pakistan)Design, Manufacturing, Installation, Commissioning and Technical support - Solar Energy Installations9001:2015Active
496Rev Green Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Designing, Construction, Manufacturing, Installation and Operations of Renewable Energy Projects9001:2015Active
497Rice Master Kamoki(Pakistan)Processing and Export of Rice [22000:2005] [14001:2004]Active
498Rizwan World LeatherSialkot(Pakistan)Manufacturing of Motor Bike Garments, Sports Goods, Safety Wear, MMA Wear, Textile Garments, Leather Gloves, Textile Gloves, Cycling Wear & Gloves9001:2008Active
499Roryan Pharmaceutical Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Peshawar(Pakistan)Manufacturing & Export of Pharmaceutical Products9001:2015Active
500Rohi (CMH) Institute of Medical SciencesBahawalpur Cantt - PakistanServices in TQM, Laboratory Quality Assurance, Medical Education as well as health care services9001:2015Active
501Roshan RawanaSargodha(Pakistan)Processing & Export of Quality Citrus (Kinnow)22000:2005Active
502Roryan Pharmaceutical Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.Peshawar(Pakistan)Manufacturing & Export of Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2015] [14001:2015]Active
503RUI Fuxiang International Co.Kotri, Sindh (Pakistan)01) Manufacturing of Fly Ash, 02) Manufacturing of water Reducing Agent 9001:2008Active
504SAAB Engineering CompanyGujranwala(Pakistan)Manufacturing of LPG Cylinder & Attachments9001:2015Active
505Sabri Group of CompaniesLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturer / Importer of PVC Flax Sheets9001:2008Active
506Sachal Technologies Inc. Pvt. Limited Islamabad(Pakistan)Provisioning & Installation of Outside & Inside Telecom Networks with OFC and Copper Cable, Microwave & GSM Mobile Switches & Networks, Tower Fabrication & Installation, Building Construction, Electromechanical & Air Conditioning Works, Power Generation & Distribution Networks Testing & Commissioning, Provisioning of Solar, Wind & Geo-Thermal Energy Systems[9001:2008] [14001:2004][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
507Sachal Telecom Pvt. Limited Islamabad(Pakistan)Provisioning & Installation of Outside & Inside Telecom Networks with OFC and Copper Cable, Microwave & GSM Mobile Switches & Networks, Tower Fabrication & Installation, Building Construction, Electromechanical & Air Conditioning Works, Power Generation & Distribution Networks Testing & Commissioning, Provisioning of Solar, Wind & Geo-Thermal Energy Systems9001:2008Active
508Sadiq Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd.Islamabad (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Veterinary Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2015][14001:2015]Active
509SAIBINS PHARMACEUTICALSIslamabad(Pakistan)Manufacturing & Export of Pharmaceutical Products9001:20015Active
510SARDAR FAMILY PACKAGES PRIVATE LIMITEDGujranwala(Pakistan)Manufacturing of Paper Board & Printed Corrugated Box Products9001:2015Active
511Sargodha Chamber of CommerceSargodha(Pakistan)To Create & Sustain an Environment for the Growth of Industry & Trade To achieve accuracy & credibility in Business through Research & Development9001:2015Active
512SALMI & COMPANYSargodha(Pakistan)Processing, Packing and Export of Fresh Kinnows.22000:2005Active
513Saydon Pharmaceutical Industries (Pvt) LtdPeshawar(Pakistan)Manufacturingof Pharmaceutical Products9001:2008Active
514SAYYED PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES (PRIVATE) LTDHattar(Pakistan)Manufacturing & Export of Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2015][14001:2015]Active
515SC Technologies Global (Pvt) LtdIslamabad (Pakistan)Network Design, RF Optimization, Network Operations, Telecom & Power Deployment and Swaps, Telecom and Power Equipment R&R, Site & Facilities Build, Facilities Management, Power Products & IRM Supplies[9001:2015][14001:2015][OHSAS18001:2007]Active
516SEICO SCIENTIFIC TRADERSRawalpindi (Pakistan)Manufacturing & Trading of Laboratory Instruments & Machines9001:2008Active
517SE GROUP OF COMPANIES(SEC, PEBI, SET, KAPEC, DSN)Islamabad(Pakistan)National / International Consultancy Services, Project Management, Contract Management, Interactive Classroom Solutions, Construction, Installation, Erection, Manufacturing, & Supply of Pre-Engineered Steel Structure Buildings & Trading Which Includes Export/Import & Local Supply of Goods9001:2015Active
518SHAHBAZ INTERNATIONALLahore (Pakistan)Slaughtering & Export of Meat[9001:2008][HACCP]Active
519Shaheen Enterprises Sargodha(Pakistan)Processing and Export of Citrus [GLOBALGAP][HACCP]Active
520Shaheen Usama & Co.Lahore (Pakistan)Import and Maintain Stock of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose, Fire Nozzle, Fire Turnout Gear, Fire Pump, Breathing Apparatus & Fire Truck, Water & Sewerage Pumping Machinery, Section & Jetting Machine9001:2008Active
521SHAHIDA ISLAM MEDICAL & DENTAL COLLEGE SHAHIDA ISLAM TEACHING HOSPITAL Lodhran, Punjab (Pakistan)Services in TQM, Laboratory Quality Assurance, Medical Education as Well as Health Care Services9001:2015Active
522Shahzad EnterprisesLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Metal Hardware Including Cable Lugs, Cable Glands and Other Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Electrical Products Trading of Power T&D Products9001:2015Active
523SIDDIQUE SONSLahore (Pakistan)Fabrication of LPG Bowser & Storage Tanks9001:2015Active
524SIGMA INTERNATIONALLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturer, Indenter, Importer, Supplier, Distributor, Installation & After Sales Service of Medical / Lab Equipment, Hospital Furniture, Surgical Instruments and Disposables9001:2008Active
525Shaheen Traders Lahore (Pakistan)Electrical items/Tools[9001:2015] [14001:2015]Active
526SHAHEEN USAMA & CO.Lahore (Pakistan)Import & Maintain Stock of Fire Extinguishers, FireHose, Fire Nozzle, Fire Turnout Gear, Fire Pump, Breating Apparatus & Fire Truck, Water & Sewerage Pumping Machinery, Section & Jetting Machine9001:2008Active
527Shah Faisal Enterpriseskarchi (Pakistan)Transportation Services for Oil & Lubricants[9001:2008] [OHSAS18001:2007]Active
528Siddique SonsLahore (Pakistan)Febrication of LPG Bowser and Storage Tanks9001:2015Active
529SIKANDER GROUP (Specialist Pre­Cast & Pre-Fabricated Concrete Material)Jehleum(Pakistan)Manufacture of R.C.C. Slabs: P.C. Girders, R.C.C. Pipes, Touf 8» Pavour & Pre­Fabricated Boundary Wall9001:2008Active
530Sitara Gas IndustryGujranwala (Pakistan)Manufacturing of LPG Cylinders & Attachments9001:2015Active
531SK CorporationLahore (Pakistan)Trading (General)9001:2008Active
532SMART MEPLahore (Pakistan)Design, Supply, Installation and After Sales Services for EPC Projects, Mechanical, Civil, Refrigeration, Electrical, MEP, HVAC & BMS[9001:2015][14001:2015][18001:2007]Active
533SMIG PACKAGES (PVT.) LTD.Karachi(Pakistan)Manufacturer of Corrugated Boxes9001:2008Active
535Socio Engineering ConsultantsIslamabad (Pakistan)Consultancy , Training services in bussisness management , socio ecnomic development to public , private sector , trading , construction and Agree bussiness.9001:2008Active
536Solutions Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Design, Supply, Installation and Engineering Services for PLC, DCS, LV Systems, Control Systems, Instrumentation & Electrical Equipment[9001:2015][14001:2015][18001:2007]Active
537SOLARTECH PRIVATE LIMITEDLahore (Pakistan)Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Solar Power Systems9001:2008Active
538SOUTH ASIAN TRADE LINKRawalpindi (Pakistan)Production, Import / Export, Trading, Processing, Packaging, Training & Consultancy Services in Agriculture9001:2008][22000:2005]Active
539SPADIX PHARMACEUTICALSIslamabad (Pakistan)Manufacturer & Exporter of Pharmaceutical Products9001:2015Active
540Specialist Group Inc.LtdLahore (Pakistan)Fabrication of Steel 9001:2015Active
541SPELL PETROCHEMICALS (PVT.) LTDLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter & Seller of Electric Wire & Cables, FR Compound, EVA Compound, PVC Compound, EVA Shoes, PVC Shoes, Plastic & Plastic Additives, Metallic Stearates, Heat Stabilizer[OHSAS18001:2007]Active
542S.S. ENGINEERS (Pvt.) Ltd.Wahcantt (Pakistan)Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Installations of Industrial Units in Chemical, Cement, Oil & Gas, Fertilizer, Telecom and Power Sectors9001:2008Active
543S.T Hi-Tech Engineering Company (Pvt) LimitedGujranwala (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Engineering Goods/ High Pressure Aluminum Die Casting and Machined Parts for Auto, Gas, Engineering Sectors, Research & Development and Production of Plastic Extrusion Blow Molding Machine9001:2015Active
544Star Oil CompanyKarachi (Pakistan)Manufacturing and Blending of Lubricating Oil and Grease9001:2015Active
545STAR SEWING MACHINERawalpindi (Pakistan)Manufacturing/Assembling & Sale of the following brand names: Rocket Sewing Machine, A-Roma Sewing Machine, Sattar Sewing Machine. One Star Sewing Machine, Starco Sewing Machine, Stylus Sewing Machine, Rocket Sewing Machine Electric Motors, Rocket Needles and Rocket Washing Machine9001:2015Active
546Sufi Wheat Products ( Pvt.) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Processing of Wheat Flour & Related Products9001:2008Active
547Suhail InternationalLahore (Pakistan)Processing of Natural Crystalline Rock Salt & Minerals[9001:2008][HACCP][GMP][KOSHER][Certified Organic][22000:2005][HALAL Certified ]Active
548Suleman & CompanyLahore (Pakistan)Services (Manpower Supplies, Janitorial Services,Sold Waste Management, General Order Suppliers, Import Export, Civil Works & Government Contractor)9001:2008Active
549SUN TUBE (PVT.) LTD.Lahore (Pakistan)Steel Pipes Manufacturer9001:2008Active
550Supreme Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Export CompanyKarachi(Pakistan)Processing & Export of Fruit & Vegetables22000:2005Active
551Supreme Fruit & Vegetable CoSargodha(Pakistan)Processing & Export of Fruit & Vegetables22000:2005Active
552SUPREME GAS INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD.Gujranwala(Pakistan)MANUFACTURING OF FOOD GRADE CO2 GAS[9001:2008][22000:2005]Active
554SWAT MINING CORPORATIONIslamabad (Pakistan)Blasting, Extraction & Processing of Mineral Products9001:2008Active
556SYNDICATE ENGINEERING SERVICESRawalpindi (Pakistan)Electrical Engineering Services (High Voltage Grid Station and Transmission Lines), Mechanical Services, Civil Engineering Services9001:2008Active
557Syyed Pharmaceuticals LtdHattar(Pakistan)Manufacturing & Export of Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2015][14001:2015]Active
558Tazij Meats & FoodLahore (Pakistan)Animal procurement , Slaughtering , Processing , Chilling , Packing and Export of meat products.[9001:2015] [14001:2015][HACCP]Active
559TECHFO ENGINEERING SERVICES & SOLUTIONS (PRIVATE) LIMITEDIslamabad (Pakistan)Supply Engineering Services, Solutions and Consultancy in various fields of Engineering & Technologies including Software Development, Wire line and Wireless IT & Telecom Networks Deployment, Commissioning, Radio Networks Optimization, Surveillance, Power Planning, Fiber Optics Connectorization Works on Vessels, Provisioning of Solar Power Plants and Operations Field Maintenance Services. Provide Turnkey Services for the Complete Life Cycle of the IT Telecom Networks including Planning, Projects Management, Project Execution, Supply of Hardware Installation Materials, Logistic and Network Managed Services.9001:2015Active
560TECHNICAL SERVICES INTERNATIONALLahore (Pakistan)Fabrication and Installation of all Types of Towers, Provisioning of Telecommunication (Internal/External) Facility, Services Including OF/Cu Cable Access Network, Switches, HVAC, Power Plant, Construction of Multi Stories Buildings9001:2015Active
561TECHNOLOGY BELL SERVICESIslamabad (Pakistan)Web Design; Development, Graphic Design,Content Writing, Software, Application Development9001:2015Active
562TEK ENGINEERING SERVICESLahore (Pakistan)Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (P.E.B), Light Gauge Steel Frame Buildings (LGSF), Sandwich Panel Buildings (EPS & PU), Allied Civil Works, Mechanical Fabrication of Mild Steel & Stainless Steel Materials (Especially Food Grade)9001:2015Active
564Tilism Technologies (Pvt) LimitedKarachi (Pakistan)I.T TELECOM & FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS9001:2015Active
566UBC Convertec (Pvt.) LtdLahore (Pakistan)Printing packaging and export.[9001:2015 ][14001:2015 ][12647:2004]Active
567UMMAH HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOLNowshera(Pakistan)1. Modern Education to the Orphan Children 2. Islamic Education (Hifz, Dirasat-e-Deeniya and Nazra with Tajweed)9001:2008Active
568UPPAL GROUPLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing, Inspection, Testing, Import & Export of Hydro and Other Pumps & Turbines with Accessories and After Sale Services9001:2015Active
570UTS EXPORT TRADING COMPANYLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing and Export of all Kinds of Tents & Allied Accessories9001:2015Active
571VALLEY FOODSLahore (Pakistan)Production of Technology Advanced Natural Food Products[9001:2008][14001:2004][22000:2005]Active
572VALOR PHARMACEUTICALSIslamabad (Pakistan)Manufacturing & Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products9001:2008Active
573Vantage TechnologiesIslamabad (Pakistan)Imports and Distributor of Laboratory Diagnostic Equipment / Reagents Kits 9001:2015Active
574VAROW INTERNATIONAL (Pakistan)Karachi(Pakistan)Architecture, M.E.P. & HVAC Engineering Services9001:2008Active
575VEGA PHARMACEUTICALS (PVT.) LTD.Lahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products (By Way of Formulation)9001:2015Active
577VERTEX ENGINEERING & SERVICESIslamabad (Pakistan)Provision of Engineering Supplies & Services in the Field of Energy Technologies including Conventional & Non-Conventional Energies9001:2008Active
578Vision International Hair Care CentreLahore (Pakistan)Hair Treatment / Transplantation9001:2008Active
580W.E APPAREL (PVT) LTD.Lahore (Pakistan)Manufacture & Exporter of Garments9001:2008Active
581WESTERN GROUPIslamabad (Pakistan)Food & Catering Services along with Necessary Arrangements of Camp Management, Cabins Fabrication[9001:2008][18001:2007][22000:2005]Active
582Welmark PharmaceuticalHattar(Pakistan)Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2008] [14001:2004]Active
583WELWINK PHARMACEUTICALRawalpindi(Pakistan)Manufacturing & Export of Pharmaceutical Products9001:2015Active
584WENOVO PHARMACEUTICALSTaxila (Pakistan)Manufacturing & Export of Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2008] [14001:2004]Active
586WARAFANA PHARMACEUTICALSIslamabad (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products9001:2015Active
587WARSAN HOMOEOPATHIC LABORATORIESLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Homoeopathic Medicines[9001:2015] [14001:2004]Active
589Watim Dental College & Zahra HospitalRawalpindi (Pakistan)Services in TQM, Laboratory Quality Assurance, Medical Education as Well as Health Care Services9001:2015Active
590Weather Folds PharmaceuticalsHattar(Pakistan)Manufacturing & Export of Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2015] [14001:2015]Active
591W.E APPAREL (PVT) LTD.Lahore (Pakistan)Manufacture & Exporter of Garments9001:2015Active
593Well Care PharmaceuticalsSargodha (Pakistan)Pharmaceutical Products9001:2008Active
594Welmark PharmaceuticalHattar(Pakistan)Manufacturer & Exporter of Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2015] [14001:2004]Active
595Weather Fold Pharmaceuticals Hattar(Pakistan)Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2015] [14001:2015]Active
596WESTERN GroupIslamabad (Pakistan)Food & Catering Services along with Necessary Arrangement of Camp Mamagement, Cabins Fabrication9001:2015Active
597WINBRAINS RESEARCH LABORATORIESRawalpindi(Pakistan)Manufacturing & Export of Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2015] [14001:2015]Active
598WnsFeild Pharmaceuticals Hattar(Pakistan)Pharmaceutical Products[9001:2008] [14001:2004]Active
599World Over Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.Lahore (Pakistan)Manufacturing of Distribution and Transmission Lines Equipments, Transformers9001:2008Active
600WORLD OVER SUPPLIER CORPORATIONLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturers, Importer & Exporter & Sale of Electrical Products & Components[9001:2008] [14001:2004]Active
602XcelSoft (Private) LimitedLahore (Pakistan)Customized Solutions Providers for Web, Software, Mobiles, Hosting and SEOISO 9001:2008Active
603XTREME INDUSRTY (PVT) LIMITEDGujranwala(Pakistan)Manufacturing of PPRC Pipes & Fittings, PE, Garden Pipes & UPVC Pipes & Fittings, Sentry Fittings and Home Appliances[9001:2008] [14001:2004]Active
604YADGAR STEEL ENGINEERINGGujranwala(Pakistan)Manufacturing of LPG Cylinder & Attachments9001:2015Active
605YASHFI TECHNOLOGIESGujrat(Pakistan)Manufacturing of Hospital Furniture, Surgical Instrument & Customer Solutions9001:2015Active
606YUNAS METAL WORKS (Pvt.) Ltd.Gujrat(Pakistan)Manufacturing, Sale/Export of Electric Fans and Home Appliances9001:2008Active
607Y.R CABLESLahore (Pakistan)Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter and seller of XLPE L-T Cables, PVC cables, Armoured Cables, Flexible Cables, Control Wires, Fire resistant Halogen free Cables, welding Cables, Rubber Cables, Furnace Rassa, Telephone Cables & All type of Industrial electric cables & multi core Cables, All type of Electric Panel, All Aluminium conductor & L-T Cables .9001:2008Active
608ZABIHA MEAT PRODUCTSMuridke (Pakistan)Slaughtering & Processing of Fresh Meat9001:2008Active
609Zain Engineering Company (Pvt.) LtdLahore (Pakistan)Electrical / Mechnical / Civil Work[9001:2015][OHSAS18001:2007][14001:2015]Active
610ZARAR INTERNATIONAL ((LICENCE NO. MPD/1976/MLK)(Batkhela Malakanad)PakistanOverseas Employment Services Provider[9001:2015][14001:2004]Active
613Z.F TRADERSSargodha(Pakistan)Manufacturing of Steel & Wooden Office Furniture & Educational Furniture 9001:2015Active
614ZHEEL SCIENCES INSTTIUTEKarachi(Pakistan)To Provide Training Regarding Health Happiness, Success Care Solution9001:2008Active
616State of Libya Clients
618Almothuka Electricity and EngineeringTripoli (Libya)Manufacturing of Electrical and Electronic Items9001:2008Suspended
619Libya United Security (LUS) CO. L.T.DBenghazi & Tripoli (Libya)The Design, Delivery and Management of Physical Security and Security Risk Management Services in High Risk and Complex Environments[9001:2015][18788:2015][ANSI / ASIS PSC. 01 2012]Active
621Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Clients
623COLFAX FLUID HANDLING MIDDLE EAST LTD.Dammam(KSA)The Design, Development, Manufacture & Supply of Lubrication Equipment9001:2008Active
625Norway Clients
627Nordic BusinessNorwayIndustrial Plant ( Sale / Purchase )9001:2008Active
630UK Clients
632PROLINE UK ELECTRONICS LTDEngland(UK)Assemble & Supply of CCTV Security Products9001:2008Active